June 11, 2021

6 Gambling Mistakes the Dealer Won’t Tell You

Ethan Williams
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Whether you’re playing on a real casino or a live casino, the dealer is always central to the action. The dealer oversees the table game action to ensure all players adhere to the rules. And if you find a good dealer, you can strike up a conversation, making the whole gaming experience fun and relaxing.

6 Gambling Mistakes the Dealer Won’t Tell You

But as you may have guessed, the dealer knows a thing or six about the table that you don’t. So, which are these gambling mistakes that players make right before the dealer’s eyes? This article takes a look!

Not playing with a bankroll

Obviously, the online casino is in business to make money. Therefore, you don’t expect the dealer to tell you to prepare a playing bankroll, do you? Usually, they will be more than happy if you can carry your whole bank account to the table. T

hey know that unless you’re fortunate or use a specific strategy, the house will win in the end, thanks to the house advantage. So, carry a well-planned bankroll to avoid becoming the talk of the ‘house’ when you leave.

Timing your play

Of all the gambling secrets on this list, this one is the most well-guarded by the house, primarily land-based casinos. The next time you stop by the casino, be keen enough and look around.

Do you see a clock in sight? What about the windows? Basically, the casino will do everything possible to ensure you’re not aware of the amount of time you’ve used betting. Again, the idea is to let you play with as much money as possible.

Playing roulette instead of blackjack or poker

As said before, the house wins most of the time. But is it true? Well, it depends on the game you play. Luck-based live casino games like roulette of ten attract novice gamers. However, the dealer won’t tell you that playing blackjack or video poker is more rewarding. Reason?

These games allow players to employ a strategy to win. In other words, you’re not just a mere spectator waiting for the outcome. What’s best, video poker and blackjack boast some of the lowest (if not the lowest) house edge around.

Playing 6:5 blackjack

Just because blackjack allows gamers to use strategy doesn’t mean you should play blindly. That’s because this table comes with either 6:5 or 3:2 payouts. Unfortunately, most gamers don’t do the math before choosing a blackjack table.

For instance, if you play for $10 per hand on a 3:2 table, you get $20 for blackjack. On the other hand, the 6:5 table only gives you $14. In short, the 6:5 table has a house edge of 2% higher than the 3:2 table. That’s a significant difference!

Skipping the live casino bonus programs

The dealer also won’t tell you where to find the loyalty programs. Most regulated live casinos offer players rewards such as cashback and bonus money. And yes, the dealer knows that getting these rewards is the most effective method to beat the house edge. For example, cashback rebates can come in handy when offsetting losses and increasing your wins. So, always grab the live casino bonus thrown your way.

When to tip

Do you know why some bitter casino players complain about the dealer? Well, they don’t tip. In fact, underground research has it that gamers who rarely tip the dealer lose more often. That aside, the dealer, just like the bartender, relies on tips to fund their lavish lifestyles. Therefore, the more you tip them, the more they give you vital gambling secrets.

Final Advice

Most players, especially newcomers, make the gambling mistakes above. But to their defense, it might take a while before realizing you’re making these betting goofs. So, instead of blaming the dealer for not telling you, tip them more often. This way, you can learn the winning tips and tricks fast enough.

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