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Best 1 Casino War Live Casino in 2021 🏆

What is Live Casino War?

Live Casino War is a fast-paced, thrilling card game suitable for beginners and experienced gamblers alike. It is offered by most live casinos today, thanks to the fact that most players enjoy it, and it has been around for decades. The Live Casino War card game is pretty easy to play as long as gamers make an effort to understand how it works.

Best 1 Casino War Live Casino in 2021 🏆

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What is Live Casino War?

How Live Casino War Works

How Live Casino War Works

Gamers need six standard 52-card decks to play this exciting live casino game. Since the cards are ranked as in poker games, aces are the highest. During the game, one card is dealt to the dealer and another to the player. If the latter’s card is higher, they win the bet, but the gambler loses if the dealer’s card is higher.

  • Should the player’s and dealer’s cards have the same rank, it becomes a tie, and then, the gambler has two options:
  • Go to war where they must match their original wager, and so will the dealer
  • Surrender and lose half their bet Players who want to win at Live Casino War should stick to small bets because the chances of winning are considerably higher, even though losing is still a possibility. Besides, knowing the Live Casino War odds allows gamblers to make the smartest moves.

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