10 Live Casinos That Use PayPal for Secure Deposits

PayPal is a well-known payment method all over the world. It is an American financial company with its headquarters in California. The company is mainly known as a payment processor for online auction sites and commercial enterprises. PayPal was founded in 1998, initially only used for Palm Pilot payments, and at the time, was known as Confinity. It now has over 240 million registered users.

As one of the most trusted payment methods, PayPal casinos have become popular. Players worldwide can use PayPal deposits for quick and safe transactions. Even better: you may even reap some PayPal casino bonus offers. Below, you'll find the best PayPal casinos available for UK players currently.

10 Live Casinos That Use PayPal for Secure Deposits
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About PayPal

Some people have often been confused about who founded PayPal. The truth is, it was initially established by German-American venture capitalists Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, a popular Ukrainian-American developer and entrepreneur.

Then, in 2000, Confinity Inc. merged with X.com, an online bank Elon Musk co-founded with Christopher Payne, Ed Ho, and Harris Fricker. The fused company was known as "PayPal."

PayPal is among the leaders in the online payment industry, explaining why over seven million enterprises worldwide are proud to be associated with it, including many online casino sites. Uniqueness is one of the competitive advantages it enjoys.

Here are some of the unique perks of PayPal:

  • For starters, it lets users link up to eight email addresses to one bank account. This enhances their protection since it's not easy for online hackers to gain unauthorized access to an individual's multiple emails. It also makes transferring funds more flexible.
  • PayPal also boasts a Bill Me Later feature that allows users to purchase products with inadequate funds and settle the bills later. This proprietary payment system is currently offered by 1000+ online merchants interested in enhancing convenience for their customers.
  • In addition, PayPal provides two account options. A user can create a personal or business account. Their ideal choice depends on if they want a company account or one to enable them to pay for their goods & services and receive payments.

PayPal Casino Deposits

It's easy to see why PayPal casino platforms have become so popular: PayPal's ease of use is likely to be the main factor. First and foremost, you need to establish a PayPal casino account, so you could get started with any desired live casino games.

Here's a quick recap of what the PayPal online casino process looks like:

  1. To access a Paypal casino, you first need to set up a PayPal account. This can be done on the PayPal website and only takes a few minutes to complete. The amount of information that is required to open an account varies between countries due to local laws and differences in PayPal's approach to crime and fraud prevention, but the two things that are required everywhere are a mobile phone number and an email address. Similar requirements must be met on PayPal casino sites, too.
  2. Once the account is set up, you just need to handle one more thing before proceeding to PayPal online casinos: setting up a funding source. You can link your credit or debit card or a bank account, and afterwards, your PayPal deposits will automatically run via that funding source.
  3. You can then choose a suitable PayPal casino from our comparison here at CasinoRank, register at the online casino and log in. Right after logging in, you'll be prompted to make your first deposit by using any of the available deposit methods, one of which is PayPal.
  4. Choose PayPal for the deposit, confirm the transaction in PayPal and in just a second, you'll have the deposit credited to your online casino account.

In most cases, PayPal deposits are instant, especially if you have some funds on your balance already.

When making your first deposit at a UK PayPal casino, remember that you may be able to redeem some deposit bonus or free spins offers - make sure to hit the required minimum deposit with your PayPal deposit, after which you may get some bonus funds to extend the online gambling balance. Sometimes, you may even get bonus spins to enjoy on PayPal slots sites.

Live Casino PayPal Withdrawals

After making a PayPal deposit, playing some online slots or other casino games and winning some money, you'll likely want to make a withdrawal too. Luckily, both deposits and withdrawals are a breeze at every PayPal casino UK.

In a nutshell, this is what a PayPal casino withdrawal looks like:

  • Log in to your new PayPal casino account and head to the withdrawal section.
  • Enter the amount you'd like to withdraw using PayPal and choose PayPal as your payment option. Note that you may already have PayPal payments chosen for the withdrawal by default since many UK slot sites require using the same payment method for all payments.
  • Confirm the transaction - it shouldn't require more than just a couple of clicks. Note that you can only make a withdrawal if you've played through any bonus funds and only have your own money on balance (not bonus money).

Tips for PayPal casino withdrawals

When you're making gambling transactions at online casinos, things may be tricky, but only if you're not completely prepared for it. First, you need to make sure that your PayPal account is fully verified. This helps prevent unnecessary complications that could deter you from accessing online casino payouts as soon as possible.

Verifying a PayPal account is trouble-free. One can visit this payment provider's official website and search "how to verify PayPal?" It vividly illustrates the steps the punters should follow and the documents they must provide to succeed.

Similar verification must be done on PayPal online casino sites, too. All the best PayPal casino sites require identity verification that also includes uploading a few documents to ensure the legitimacy of all UK players who are enjoying the new PayPal casino.

In addition to the verification, you should also remember that all casinos with PayPal have certain daily withdrawal limits. Typically, PayPal withdrawals are allowed up to around £8000 or more, sometimes less. If you try to make PayPal payments over that limit, the withdrawal may be declined, and you need to do it again.

Last but not least, before making any PayPal withdrawals, all free spins, deposit bonus offers or other bonus funds must be played through according to the online gambling terms and conditions. All UK casinos have some wagering requirements on bonus money offers, so make sure you've complied with the rules before making any payments on the Paypal casino site - you shouldn't have an active bonus on the account if you'd like to make a withdrawal.

Supported Currencies at the Best PayPal Casinos

Generally speaking, UK players don't normally have to worry about currency issues since all the best PayPal online casinos are localized for brits and use pounds.

When it comes to making a deposit and withdrawal via PayPal, brits have it easy since one of the main supported PayPal casino currencies is the pound, together with the US dollar and Euros. Usually, a UK PayPal casino doesn't require any currency conversion as games are already available in pounds.

Due to PayPal's worldwide presence, players from almost any country can enjoy online casinos PayPal. From Europe to Canada to Africa, there are virtually no limits to locations required when it comes to making a casino PayPal deposit. Almost all countries are supported in PayPal, making such a simple and available payment method.

In total, PayPal says that customers from over 200 nations can use its services, which support balances in many of the world's different currencies. Dependencies such as Mayotte and the Cayman Islands are also serviced by PayPal, in addition to nation-states themselves.

PayPal Casino Bonuses

In addition to the ease of deposits and withdrawals, when you join casinos that accept PayPal, you'll also get to grab various PayPal casino bonuses. From free spins to deposit bonus money - bonuses are an industry standard, and luckily, PayPal casinos are well aware of this.

All the best PayPal casinos are packed with bonuses, and whenever you make PayPal deposits, you can also enjoy these promotions. This is a significant advantage since some payment methods may be excluded from bonus offers but this is not the case when you're using your PayPal account in online casinos.

Below, we're sharing some of the top casino bonuses you may find from the best PayPal casinos.

Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses give players a chance to recoup some of the losses they have incurred while enjoying casino games. Generally, PayPal casinos may grant around 10 to 15 per cent cashback on your losses, but naturally, there may be some terms and conditions attached to the bonus.

Sometimes, cashback is only available to loyal UK players, as the cashback bonus may be limited to VIP players.

Deposit bonus offers

The absolute number one PayPal casino bonus you may ever encounter is the typical deposit bonus. Most PayPal casinos have these offers, and as the name states, you can redeem a deposit bonus after depositing some money online using PayPal.

PayPal casino sites may have two different kinds of deposit bonus offers: full bonuses or partial bonuses. In the first case, you'll receive a 100% bonus on top of the deposit. For instance, if your deposit is £100, the online casino will add another £100 on top of that.

Some PayPal casinos may offer a partial deposit bonus, meaning the deposit bonus may range up to 50% or even 25%. The lower the percentage, the less attractive the deposit bonus becomes, since the smaller your bonus cash balance will be.

Either case, you'll have to make a certain minimum deposit to release the deposit bonus, otherwise, it won't count. What's more, sometimes the deposit bonus may be redeemable with a special bonus code that must be entered when making the deposit, so keep your eye on potential bonus codes, too.

Welcome bonus

When you first sign up at a PayPal casino UK, you may be treated to a welcome bonus. This special offer is only available after establishing a new PayPal casino account - it's a welcome package, like a gift, for signing up.

All online casinos accepting PayPal tend to have a great welcome bonus that can be redeemed when making your first minimum deposit (at least). In most cases, you'll still get good old deposit bonuses, but some welcome bonus offers may incorporate free spins or free bets that can be used for either slot games or live casino games, depending on the welcome bonus.

In most cases, the welcome bonus is the biggest offer you'll ever get to redeem - it's specially tailored to make it lucrative for UK players to make their first PayPal casino deposit.

Free spins

When we're talking about online casinos that accept PayPal, we're primarily talking about classic online casinos that mostly focus on online slots and live casino games. These two game niches are so intertwined that almost all PayPal slot sites have a significant role in live casino games niche too.

Anyways, due to this close relation, almost all of the best PayPal casinos tend to offer free spins on top of their other bonuses. These free spins can be used exclusively for PayPal slots, meaning you can try various online slots without placing real money bets. PayPal slots sites tend to offer free spins regularly, especially for popular PayPal slots like Book of Dead or Starburst.

Loyalty bonuses

We mentioned briefly above that cashback may be granted to loyal UK players. Well, that's because some online casinos that accept PayPal deposits have elaborate loyalty programs, also known as VIP programs.

A loyalty bonus is a way for the online casino to reward returning customers. Sometimes, the casino bonus may involve additional free spins, deposit bonuses, cashback or even event invitations.

Why Should You Make a PayPal Deposit?

Those who are already PayPal users know very well what PayPal is such a popular payment method. The service is supported almost everywhere, including online gambling platforms. You could even say that if a company accepts any online payments, there's a good chance it accepts PayPal deposits.

One of the aspects that make PayPal deposits such an excellent choice compared to some other payment methods is the ease of storing money on the PayPal account. You could easily either keep the money in PayPal or transfer it to your bank (or even another PayPal account). You can withdraw online casino winnings almost immediately by making PayPal withdrawals.

UK players can enjoy even more flexibility since PayPal has agreements with most banks, allowing instant deposits and often, with no fees when you're making PayPal withdrawals. And on top of that, PayPal is used by almost all mobile casinos, making it an easy choice for most UK players.

Pros of PayPal casinos

  • Security: It promises debit card security and convenience with a one-time data collection system. When players sign up for PayPal and use it for the first time, it's mandatory to provide bank account or credit card details. From then on, they won't have to provide the same details anymore. This eliminates the risk of inputting incorrect payment information or giving this information to fraudulent individuals. This also saves them time from inputting information again and again.
  • Time-saving: PayPal also offers online casino players the opportunity to fund their accounts using multiple bank and credit sources. In case one of their credit sources has zero funds, PayPal automatically switches to another credit source. This saves them time from having to discontinue playing their games.
  • Free to use: Online casino players don't have to worry about any monthly fees, service charges or anything else like that. Most expenses are related to transactions, but UK players rarely have to pay anything themselves. Even bank transfers may be completely free.
  • Licensed PayPal casinos: PayPal is very particular about online casino collaborations and only works with online casinos that have been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or any other reputable authority.
  • Instant online casino deposits: PayPal deposits are always instant - there's absolutely no waiting time involved. Though the same can't be said for withdrawals in online casinos that accept PayPal, withdrawals are also generally quite fast.

Cons of PayPal casinos

  • Long waiting time: Withdrawing with PayPal can sometimes take up to 3-5 days to fund the Paypal account. Some online casinos that accept PayPal may also take 24-48 hours to process the PayPal payment itself.
  • High transaction fees: PayPal´s transaction fees can be higher than other traditional payment methods, depending on which PayPal casino site you're using.
  • Long verification process: It can be a long and extensive verification process, sometimes even head-scratchingly long. Plus, you'll have to go through the verification in UK PayPal casinos, too.

Safety and Security at PayPal

When it comes to PayPal casino sites, safety is definitely not one of the concerns, no matter which PayPal casino you choose.

PayPal is invested in providing top-notch security to protect its users from being scammed. It utilizes IP & Browser Sensitive software, which lets it know an individual's location immediately they log into their account. This technology also enables PayPal to access a device's browsing history to detect suspicious IP changes and prevent fraudulent activities.

As mentioned above, you need to go through an identity verification before using PayPal casinos, plus additional verification checks may be done when you withdraw bigger sums from the PayPal casino.

When talking about PayPal casinos, in general, PayPal doesn't actually collaborate with most of the online casinos out there. The company has an unbelievably strict policy when it comes to online gambling, and thus, only the cream of the crop is accepted.

How to Choose the Best PayPal Casino

Choosing the best PayPal casinos may seem a hard task, but not if you use the comparisons here at CasinoRank. Right on this page, you can find a full list of online casinos that accept PayPal, so you can just go ahead and pick any PayPal casinos that seem to tickle you the most.

However, if you'd like to further explore the online casino world and make sure the chosen PayPal casino is of the utmost quality, here are the main factors to follow before signing up.


It's quite hard to find a PayPal casino that wouldn't be licensed already since PayPal itself is rather strict in choosing collaborators. However, it's still important to verify the validity of the license. UK gamblers should especially prefer PayPal casino sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, the main licensing authority in the UK.

In a licensed PayPal casino, your PayPal deposits are guaranteed to be safe since there's a strict regulatory authority keeping an eye on the gambling site.

Bonus offers

We described some of the PayPal casino bonus offers that can be redeemed after signup, but that doesn't mean that every online gambling site that accepts PayPal is equal and offers the same good benefits.

Some mobile casinos may focus on bonus spins and free spins which, in turn, will be irrelevant to those gamblers who are looking to play live casino games. At the same time, the PayPal casino may offer deposit bonuses, but not very actively.

Before deciding on the best PayPal casino, go through the promotions tab to ensure the online casino matches your bonus expectations.

Bonus terms

Every PayPal casino has a long list of casino bonus terms and conditions - it's simply inevitable. Before you redeem a Paypal casino bonus, you should note some of the potential bonus terms:

  • Required minimum deposit;
  • Eligible casino games;
  • Restricted casino games;
  • Wagering requirement;
  • Allowed max bonus bet;
  • When the bonus funds expire.

This is just a brief overview of the terms you may encounter, but every deposit bonus or any other offer out there has these restrictions. One of the best ways to determine which deposit bonus is the best is to compare the terms and see which PayPal casino has fairer conditions. Just remember that before you can withdraw money online from the casino to your PayPal, you need to play through any active bonus.

Payment processing

We've mentioned the speed of PayPal deposits already, but the other side of that coin involves withdrawals. All PayPal casinos have different withdrawal processing speed - some casinos may be instant, whereas other Paypal casinos may take up to several days before they actually confirm the transaction.

The withdrawal process followed at the PayPal casino determines largely how fast and smooth the payment process is. Luckily, you can always check these conditions from the casino's terms and conditions.

Customer support

We all have some horror stories when it comes to online services and customer support. PayPal casinos are usually stellar in this department and, at least, provide live chat support. Many mobile PayPal casinos especially, are available 24/7 via a simple chat button. The same goes for new Paypal casino sites that feel the need to "prove" themselves in the industry, thus the customer support is always available.

These days, the best PayPal casino sites should have both the live chat support and email support, but phone support is not that common anymore.

Other Payment Methods Like Paypal

You don't have to use only PayPal at online casinos. Almost all online casinos offer several payment method solutions. The most notable alternatives are Skrill and Neteller, which are widely used by PayPal casinos, too.

Both of these electronic wallets provide the same ease of use and speed as PayPal does, but there's only one caveat: many casino bonuses can't be activated with Skrill or Neteller. If you're an avid casino bonus user, using PayPal will still be the better option.

Many online casinos that accept PayPal also allow payments via debit cards or regular bank transfers, but these options may be significantly slower. If you're not in a hurry with your deposit and withdrawal, these may be good options, though.

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Are PayPal casinos legit?

Yes, online casinos with PayPal are completely legitimate and even properly licensed on a national level (by the UK Gambling Commission). Using PayPal is one of the most common options for processing a deposit and withdrawal on a casino site, so there's nothing weird about using PayPal. Just make sure to sign up at an online casino that's licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Where can I find the best PayPal casino?

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How to add a payment provider to PayPal?

It is simple. Log in to PayPal and go to 'Wallet'. Then, click on 'Link a card' or 'Link a bank account'. PayPal will then ask for the card or bank details, and that should be all. Once it's all set up, you should be able to use PayPal casinos easily.

If a user makes a credit card payment, is there a verification process?

Yes, there is a verification process. PayPal sends a refundable charge to a user's card with a 4-digit PayPal code. This code is then used for credit card verification. It can be identified by the words ‘PayPal’ or ‘PP’. It is then possible to use the code, log in to the PayPal account and go to "Overview".

Click on "Confirm my debit or credit card". Next, Enter the 4-digit PayPal code to complete the verification. The minimum amount will be refunded to a PayPal account in 24 hours. A similar verification may be required when making deposits and withdrawals with PayPal at online casinos.

Are there any fees when making PayPal casino withdrawals?

PayPal tries to minimize fees. However, there will be times when a user is charged a fee. The main fees apply when sending or receiving money from other countries. Furthermore, fees apply if a payment is made with a linked credit or debit card. However, using the balance of the PayPal account does not attract a fee. If a user is sending money to friends and family, there are no fees. Fees apply when using a debit or credit card for sending money to friends and family. Most of the time, PayPal slot sites don't require any fees, though.

Which currencies can be added to PayPal, and how to do it?

The major currencies such as USD, Euros, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, AUD, and CAD are all easy to use on PayPal. Many other currencies can also be used. USD can also be sent to countries using the currency in some countries. The person on the other end can then withdraw in local currency.

It is possible to add a currency by clicking on "Profile", then "My Money". Next, click "Currencies" and click on "Manage Currencies" to add a new currency. Any future currency will be credited to an account. Money will be converted to a default currency if the specific currency has not been added.

Are PayPal casino sites safe?

PayPal uses the latest software and data encryption available. The company also uses anti-fraud technology for more player security. It reduces the risk of scams and fraud. It has a rigorous verification process for adding payment methods, making payments, and using accounts in new countries. If casinos accept PayPal, you can be sure that all payments are safe.

Will PayPal use the same exchange rate as bank accounts?

PayPal’s exchange rate is usually higher than the market and financial institution rates. It is also possible to find the exchange rate by going to "My Account", "Profile" and clicking "My Money". Clicking on "Currencies" reveals the exchange rates. Next, enter the amount to exchange and hit "Calculate" to proceed. The exchange rate will be displayed on the screen. Move forward and make a transaction.

Is it easy to top-up an online casino account with PayPal?

Adding money to an account is free, but bank charges apply. Topping up can be done within minutes. Go to "My Account", "Top Up", select a bank and click continue. Next, the amount is topped up off another page. Select the correct currency. It may take a few days for the money to hit an account. A PayPal casino deposit is always instant, though.

Who can get a PayPal account?

Only people that are over 18 years old can get a PayPal account. Children are not permitted to sign up for an account. Users also need a bank account or credit card to top up. An email is also required to verify an account for signing up, changing passwords, and more.

Are PayPal online casinos popular?

PayPal is known as one of the worlds leading payment methods, so it has also become widely used by UK online casinos. Many live casinos accept PayPal for instant deposits and withdrawals.