Mastercard Debit vs. Credit Cards for Live Casino Deposits

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Mastercard is one of the world’s most-used payment methods, preferred by millions worldwide. This popularity has naturally transferred to live casinos too, which is why today, there are hundreds of live casino sites that accept Mastercard debit and credit cards.

If you want to play online live casino with Mastercard, you first need to figure out which option works better for your needs: debit vs. credit cards. Both may be common, but neither work the best for every live casino deposit. Here’s a quick overview of some of the essential advantages and disadvantages to consider when using a casino with Mastercard.

Mastercard Debit vs. Credit Cards for Live Casino Deposits

Mastercard Debit Cards

Mastercard debit cards are, alongside Visa, the most commonly issued everyday banking cards and the odds are that your bank issues a Mastercard debit card. When you’re paying for a live casino deposit via a Mastercard debit card, it gets debited from your checking account, just like for a normal payment. To use this payment method in live casinos, you need to have some funds in your checking account - such as funds from your salary.

Advantages of Using Mastercard Debit for Live Casino Deposits

It’s usually much easier to find a Mastercard debit casino than a credit card one, so that alone may be a significant advantage. Here are a few more benefits you can enjoy when making live casino deposits via Mastercard debit cards.

  • Convenient and widely available - It’s not hard to find a casino with Mastercard. In fact, most of the top-ranking live casinos allow Mastercard debit cards. If you already have a Mastercard, it’s a simple, hassle-free deposit method.
  • Easy to use - You don’t have to open any new accounts - just enter your card details and the deposit is instantly processed.
  • Better control over spending - If you’re playing with the funds available in your checking account, you naturally can’t spend too much money. Seeing the deposit being taken off your account gives you a better sense of control and understanding of how much you’re spending at the live casino.
  • More flexible limits - Many live casinos allow fairly big deposits for Mastercard debit cards, with some reaching even 25 thousand.

Disadvantages of Using Mastercard Debit for Live Casino Deposits

For most players, using a Mastercard debit card for live casino deposits is the most sensible option due to the above-mentioned benefits. However, it’s not the ideal payment method for everyone. Here are some downsides to consider:

  • Deposits may fail - Interestingly, many Mastercard deposits may fail - the bank may decline the payment due to its inner policies and thus, for no specific reason, you may simply end up not being able to use your Mastercard debit card.
  • Connected to your bank - You may simply not prefer showcasing your live casino deposits on your bank account, and if that’s the case, using the Mastercard debit card won’t be the best choice.
  • Limited funds or spending everyday funds - When you’re using your Mastercard debit card, there’s always the risk of either spending too much of your necessary daily funds or simply not enjoying the live casino experience since you’re low on funds. You should always gamble within your means, and never spend money you couldn’t afford to lose.

Mastercard Credit Cards

Your bank may issue a line of credit, in which case you’ll receive a Mastercard credit card that’s connected to your credit account. If you spend these funds, you’ll later have to pay interest on the spent money, depending on your credit agreement.

The exact situation depends on your bank, but in a nutshell, when you’re using a Mastercard credit card for live casino deposits, the funds must be paid back later, usually based on a monthly payment plan.

Advantages of Using Mastercard Credit for Live Casino Deposits

The best Mastercard casino site tends to be the one that also offers credit card deposits, so it’s a fairly common deposit method. In addition to availability, here are a few more benefits to reap when using Mastercard credit cards:

  • Better fraud protection - Since playing on credit cards is, in its essence, riskier, Mastercard applies stricter anti-fraud mechanics on credit card payments. There are several tools and protection features in place to avoid fraudsters.
  • Reward programs - Many banks have reward programs or loyalty systems for credit card users. For example, you may earn loyalty points for every transaction, and later receive cashback from the bank (or other benefits).
  • More flexibility - When using a credit card, you won’t be limited to the funds on your checking balance, so you can spend more freely without worrying that much (though you should still practice responsible gambling and not go overboard with spending).

Disadvantages of Using Mastercard Credit for Live Casino Deposits

Similar to debit cards, it’s easy to grab your Mastercard credit card for a live casino deposit, but before rushing, here are a few downsides to consider.

  • Lower limits - Due to the risky nature of credit card payments, live casinos may apply stricter responsible gambling principles on credit cards, and therefore, deposit limits may be significantly lower compared to debit cards.
  • Higher fees - Often, Mastercard credit cards may have some transaction fees depending on the bank, so it may not be the most money-savvy deposit method.
  • Less control on spending - Since you’ll be gambling with funds from the credit account, you may lose sight of how much you’re spending, only to end up with a hefty credit card bill the next month.

Differences Between Debit & Credit Cards

The best Mastercard casino site usually accepts both Mastercard debit and credit cards. As you can see from above, both card types come with their own benefits and drawbacks, but it’s important to understand the main differences between Mastercard debit and credit cards.

Obviously, the first main difference comes from the funding source: debit cards use your own funds, whereas credit card uses funds from your credit account. This means that when you’re using a credit card deposit, you’re essentially creating a debt for yourself since these deposited funds will later have to get paid back to the bank.

The funding source itself isn’t where differences end, though. When it concerns live casino deposits, you need to consider two other factors: transaction fees and deposit limits. Even the top casino sites that accept credit card deposits may have low deposit limits due to bank restrictions. Credit card gambling may be risky and therefore, banks and live casinos alike tend to apply smaller limits, compared to debit card payments.

A similar issue is related to transaction fees. Mastercard debit card deposits are usually free, but credit card deposits may come with additional fees. However, this depends on the live casino and your bank, so it’s something to double-check with your bank first.


Since most of us have a Mastercard in our wallets, it’s one of the go-to options when starting your live casino journey. Just enter your card information and the deposit is instantly done - it couldn’t be any easier.

As with every payment method, both Mastercard debit and credit cards have their downsides and benefits. Before making any payment, consider both of those sides carefully and remember to gamble responsibly - don’t spend funds you can’t afford to lose, no matter if you’re playing with a credit or a debit card.

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How to deposit with Mastercard at a live casino?

To deposit with a Mastercard at live casinos, you just need to head to the ‘cashier’ section and enter your card information. Depending on your bank’s policy, you may have to verify the payment via an SMS or via other means.

Is it safe to use my Mastercard debit or credit card for live casino deposits?

Yes, Mastercard debit and credit cards are completely safe for live casino deposits as long as you choose a licensed live casino provider. Make sure the live casino carries a valid gambling license, and if that’s the case, your security won’t be an issue.

Should I use a Mastercard debit or credit card for live casino deposits?

Whether a Mastercard debit or credit card is the best option for a live casino deposit depends on your preference and your necessities. Consider factors like payment limits, transaction fees and the abovementioned pros and cons we’ve outlined in our article.

Are there any fees when using Mastercard for live casino deposits?

Usually, the best Mastercard live casinos don’t ask for any deposit fees, but the same may not apply to your bank. Whether there are any fees depends on your bank’s pricing policy, so make sure to read through your bank’s terms to understand whether there will be any fees involved.

Where can I find Mastercard live casinos?

You can find live casinos that accept Mastercard debit and credit cards by checking out our comparison lists here at Live CasinoRank, where we’ve listed all the top live casinos for Mastercard users.

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