December 7, 2021

What is Bet Hedging in Live Online Casino Gambling?

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Bet hedging is a gambling strategy that’s prevalent in the casino industry. But this doesn’t mean that every casino player out there knows a thing or two about hedging bets. So, the objective of this guidepost is to clarify what precisely this betting strategy is. The article also discusses why you should hedge bets at the best live casinos.

What is Bet Hedging in Live Online Casino Gambling?

What is bet hedging?

Think of it this way; hedging a bet is just like taking insurance. The primary objective of this strategy is to protect wagers against potential losses. In sports betting, for instance, punters can place a bet on both teams to win.

But how does hedge betting affect live casino play? First of all, it’s important to note that hedge betting doesn’t apply in all live casino games. However, this strategy can come in handy in games like roulette and Sic Bo, where players can combine main bets with side bets.

Sad enough, hedge betting is not applicable in blackjack because it has only one bet. Also, there’s no point combining banker/player bet and tie bet in baccarat as the outcome wouldn’t be particularly useful.

Hedge betting in live casino games

Roulette is an excellent pick if you want to hedge bets at best live online casinos. After all, players just place bets on black or red numbers. Take European roulette, for example; this game only has a single zero pocket. In return, this reduces the house advantage by almost 50% compared to the American variant.

Roulette players can bet on half of the 36 numbers in several ways: black or red, odd or even number, and first half or second half. Winning a couple of these one-to-one bets can extend your playing time and protect the precious bankroll.

As said initially, bet hedging is also a popular strategy in Sic Bo. Players can place a Small/Big bet for safety or a Triple wager for that colossal payout in this game. The aim is to remain profitable even in risky situations.

Why use bet hedging?

Before you consider using this gambling strategy, it’s vital to learn why it’s beneficial. Below are the main advantages:

Reduced risk

Hedge betting is generally about accepting a small guaranteed loss at the expense of a larger one. Because betting is mostly about luck, players may want to place a wager they’re not sure of winning. That can be because of fluctuating betting lines, or they simply have doubts about the outcome. But of course, this comes with a reduced profit margin.

Consider this; most novice roulette players place even-money wagers like red/black. Reason? The RTP and bet value remain the same across these bets. In short, even money bets are likely to win than lose. But although the profit margin is nothing to talk about, a beginner should be more concerned with not losing than winning.

It’s an effective strategy

The effectiveness of hedge betting depends on the game of choice. A live casino game must cover multiple varieties of outcomes before you consider using this strategy. Remember, you want to make a small profit or even none at all while protecting the bankroll.

Here is another roulette example:

  • A player places a low wager of 1 to 18, paying out at a rate of 1:1.
  • The player places another third dozen wager of 25 to 36, paying out at 2:1.
  • Here, the player has covered 30/36 numbers.
  • This gives the player more than an 83% chance of getting a payout.


Before you start jumping with excitement, it’s vital to note that affecting the outcome of live casino games is near-impossible. But with hedge betting, you can minimize losses and make regular but small wins. Remember that not losing is more important for a beginner.

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