August 14, 2023

The UK Gambling Commission Concerns About Misuse of Gambling Stats

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The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has released an open letter cautioning against the misinterpretation of gambling statistics. This is despite the regulator saying everyone has the right to voice their opinion without quoting inaccurate figures to support their claims.

The UK Gambling Commission Concerns About Misuse of Gambling Stats

The Commission has expressed serious worries about the increased inaccurate numbers regarding gambling in the United Kingdom. The regulator believes these numbers are rising because various groups want to make persuasive cases for and against specific plans.

In the statement, the UKGC has accused several entities of posting wrong figures for their own gain.

They include:

The regulator received multiple grievances where other parties have used incorrect statistics to back their claims. Plus, there have been instances where people have attempted to depend on inaccurate information to make conclusions.

"This is unacceptable. All parties seeking to rely on statistics to advance their arguments must do so accurately and in the correct context," the regulator said.

The Commission typically assumes that any incorrect use of official statistics is unintentional and will request that the guilty party amend the record. If the party does not comply or declines to do so, the UK Gambling Commission may take the matter to the Office for Statistics Regulation.

According to the regulator, there has been much confusion about the extent of gambling addiction in the United Kingdom in the past few months. The Commission also stated the misconception between problem gambling and gambling-related harm. To clarify, the UKGC said gambling-related challenges and problem gambling are connected yet distinct experiences.

Problem gambling is gambling to a degree that interferes with family, personal, or recreational activities. On the other hand, gambling-related harms adversely impact the health and well-being of the individual and their families or communities.

The Commission has been working to develop survey questions that will provide a better understanding of the extent of problem gambling. In October 2021, the UKGC launched a new methodology to study adult gambling prevalence in the country.

The Commission revealed that several people and organizations had taken advantage of gambling addiction data to portray an incorrect view. For example, some have claimed 99.7% of people who bet do not experience any harm, and similar phrases like just 0.3% of players are affected. This is untrue and does not reflect the facts, the Commission said.

The 0.3% figure usually corresponds to the Gambling Commission's brief PGSI screening. From March 2019 to March 2023, this screening revealed that 0.2% to 0.6% of people aged 16 or above had experienced problem gambling. In Great Britain, this figure represents the entire adult demographic, not just those participating in gambling activities, as some have implied.

The Health Survey for England 2021 revealed that amongst those aged 16 and over who gambled in the past year, 0.8% have a gambling problem. Some argue that the 0.3% statistic pertains to those vulnerable to gambling harm, but the regulator said this is inaccurate and mistaken.

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