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Welcome to the dazzling world of online live casino games, where entertainment meets excitement right at your fingertips. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with Game Shows that will transport you straight into the heart of United Kingdom's vibrant gaming scene.

Picture yourself in the midst of iconic British game shows like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" or "Deal or No Deal," but this time, you're not just watching from your couch – you're an active participant! With these electrifying online versions, you'll have the chance to showcase your knowledge and skills while aiming for big wins.

So grab a cuppa tea and join us as we delve deeper into these immersive virtual experiences. From trivia challenges that test your wits to nail-biting decision-making moments, get ready for hours of endless fun with our collection of Game Shows tailored specifically for players in United Kingdom. Let's dive in and discover how these exciting games can bring joy and fortune right into your living room!

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How We Rate and Rank Live Casinos with Game Shows

At LiveCasinoRank, we're committed to guiding you toward the best live gaming experiences. When evaluating live casinos that feature game shows, we meticulously assess several critical aspects to ensure each platform meets our high standards.


Your security is paramount. We scrutinize the casino's licensing, data encryption, and fair play certifications to ensure a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.

User-friendly Platform

Navigating the casino should be effortless and enjoyable. We evaluate the user interface for its ease of use, mobile compatibility, and overall design quality, ensuring a seamless experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

A variety of secure payment options is essential. We examine the availability of diverse deposit and withdrawal methods, focusing on speed, reliability, and convenience for players.


Bonuses can significantly enhance your gaming experience. We assess the types and fairness of bonuses offered, especially those tailored to live game shows, including wagering requirements and other terms.

Portfolio of Games

The variety and quality of game shows are crucial. We explore the range of live game shows offered, assessing the diversity, game providers, and innovative features that contribute to an engaging and dynamic gaming atmosphere.

By addressing these key points, we ensure that our rankings reflect the best live casinos with game shows, enabling you to make informed decisions and enjoy top-tier entertainment.


The Pros and Cons of Playing Game Shows

Pros Cons
Entertaining Experience: Game shows offer an interactive and entertaining gaming experience, often featuring engaging hosts and exciting gameplay. Risk of Addiction: Like any form of gambling, participating in game shows carries the risk of addiction, leading to financial and emotional challenges.
Social Interaction: Players can interact with hosts and fellow participants, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie during gameplay. Potential Losses: While game shows offer the chance to win substantial prizes, there is also the risk of losing money, especially if players do not exercise responsible gambling practices.
Variety of Games: Game shows typically offer a diverse range of games, catering to different preferences and skill levels, providing players with plenty of options to choose from. Relying on Luck: Success in game shows often relies heavily on luck rather than skill, which may deter some players who prefer games of strategy or skill.
Exciting Prizes: Winning game shows can result in lucrative prizes, including cash, vacations, and other valuable rewards, adding an extra thrill to the gaming experience. Limited Control: Players may have limited control over the outcome of game shows, as the results are often determined by random chance or predetermined factors.
Interactive Features: Many game shows incorporate interactive elements such as audience participation, live chat, and special effects, enhancing the overall entertainment value. Time-consuming: Participating in game shows can be time-consuming, requiring players to dedicate significant amounts of time to gameplay sessions, which may not be feasible for everyone.

Overall, while game shows offer an entertaining and potentially rewarding gaming experience, players should be aware of the risks involved and approach gameplay with caution and responsibility.

Types of Live Casino Game Shows

Live casino game shows offer a diverse range of entertainment options, catering to players of all preferences and tastes. Here are some general types of game shows you can find at live online casinos:

Big Wheel Game Shows

Big Wheel game shows feature a large spinning wheel with various segments, each representing different prizes or multipliers. Players place their bets on the segments they believe the wheel will land on, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to the gameplay.

Bingo-type Game Shows

Bingo-type game shows combine the traditional game of bingo with exciting live entertainment. Players purchase bingo cards and mark off numbers as the host calls them out. Prizes are awarded for completing lines or full house patterns, with larger prizes for more challenging patterns.

Dice-type Game Shows

Dice-type game shows involve rolling dice to determine the outcome of each round. Players place bets on the predicted outcome of the dice roll, such as specific numbers or combinations. With each roll of the dice, players experience the thrill of anticipation as they wait to see if their predictions come true.

Card-based Game Shows

Card-based game shows incorporate elements of popular card games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat into live casino formats. Players compete against the dealer or each other to achieve winning hands or combinations, with prizes awarded based on the strength of their hands.

Trivia-type Game Shows

Trivia-type game shows challenge players' knowledge and quick thinking skills with a series of trivia questions and challenges. Players compete against each other or the host to answer questions correctly and earn prizes or bonuses based on their performance. With a wide range of topics and difficulty levels, trivia-type game shows offer engaging and interactive gameplay for players of all ages.


While there are many ways for individual players to gauge which games are the best for them, looking at the most popular ones offers a useful introduction. Read on to learn more about some of the best-loved games from around the global market.

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is offered by Pragmatic Play — a live casino game software provider and studio. The studio host spins the wheel, which features 54 numbered segments. Players need to make simple yet exciting predictions about how the wheel will spin and which number will be displayed when the spin unwinds.

So far, Mega Wheel sounds almost like live roulette. While this is true — the basic elements of the two games are the same — there are plenty of other features that players can use to enhance their bets and add extra excitement.

Live Deal or No Deal

Live Deal or No Deal follows the gameplay of the popular TV show. Players select a box and then eliminate other boxes from play as they progress through the game. At certain points, they will be offered a deal — essentially the opportunity to cash out.

If players can eliminate the highest-value boxes in the game, the risk to the house grows along with the cashout deal offered. On the other hand, if the lower-value boxes are eliminated early on, the cashout deal will be lower. Careful decision-making is required for this game.

Live Monopoly

Monopoly is a tried and tested board game that has been a family favorite for generations. The live casino show version of Monopoly brings even more excitement and fun to the experience. Players can enjoy a game that they have grown familiar with over many years in a fresh setting.

The gameplay for live Monopoly is a little different from the board game variety. Rather than making their way around the board, purchasing properties, and avoiding the properties of others, the fate of the player is dictated by spins of the wheel. This makes live Monopoly similar to other wheel-based games while still using many of the concepts that are familiar to seasoned Monopoly players.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is the next generation of another one of Evolution Gaming's popular products — Dream Catcher. Players place wagers on different segments in the wheel, overseen by a professional host. The host spins the wheel, and wagers are won and lost on this spin.

A number of different bonus games add complexity and interest to the experience for players. These additional side games include Pachinko, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, and the title game Crazy Time. Despite the variation and fast-paced feel added by the four side games, Crazy Time remains easy for players to get the hang of, with a gentle and friendly learning curve.

Live Mega Ball

Mega Ball is another live show provided by Evolution Gaming. In this game, participants work with 51 numbered balls delivered in a format familiar to lottery players. The gameplay moves quickly, adding excitement and intrigue while remaining relatively user-friendly and easy to learn.

To gain access to these numbered balls, players purchase different cards with a value of up to 200 per game round. Matching the cards to the balls as they are drawn generates an exciting atmosphere. A range of different value multipliers further enhances this excitement.

The RTP of Live Game Shows

Standing for 'Return to Player,' RTP represents the theoretical payout of each casino game. Assuming that a casino game has an RTP of 96%, the house retains about 4% of the total bets placed. Although RTPs of individual games vary from time to time, a loss is always guaranteed in the long run. That's why every casino player must remember the old saying: the house always wins. It should be noted that the higher the RTP, the lower the house edge.

So, what are the RTPs of live game shows? Well, it varies depending on where the player places a bet. For instance, each number in Dream Catcher has its own RTP, as shown below:

  • 1- 95.34%
  • 2- 95.51%
  • 5- 91.22%
  • 10- 96.55%
  • 20- 92.67%
  • 40- 90.67%

In Monopoly Live, the figures are as follows:

  • 1- 92.88%
  • 2- 96.23%
  • 5- 91.30%
  • 10- 96.02%

The Average RTP

That said, it is important to note that each game has an average RTP. Here are the average figures for some of the most popular live casino shows:

  • Dream Catcher - 96.58%
  • Monopoly Live - 96.23
  • Spin A Win - 97.22%
  • Crazy Time - 96.08%
  • Mega Ball - 95.40%
  • Deal or No Deal - 95.42%
  • Cash or Crash Live - 99.59%

Top Payment Methods at Live Game Show Casinos

In order to access live game shows at online casinos, players must have funds in their accounts. This leaves them with a question—what payment methods should they use for this? We gathered the most common options:

Cards and Bank Accounts

Payment cards and bank accounts continue to be some of the top payment methods in live casinos, including for live game show products. Most casinos support Visa and Mastercard payments, while other providers may support different cards.


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP, among others, are becoming increasingly accepted worldwide. This is also true at many live casinos—growing numbers of casinos are keen to accept crypto as a payment option.


Many customers prefer to pay for live casino games using eWallets. As live casino games are mainly a digital medium — although they are live-streamed from a physical location — it makes sense for many customers to use digital payment services to support their gameplay.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Prepaid cards help players remain in control when they access live games. There is no overdraft facility or any form of credit—the only funds available to the player are those they have pre-loaded onto their card. This makes responsible play easier to achieve, helping players ensure that their experience stays fun and exciting.

Some casinos may also offer vouchers. They work similarly to prepaid cards, and there is no overdraft or credit available.


Live Game Show Bonus Offers

When participating in live casino game shows, you can take advantage of various bonus offers to enhance your gaming experience. Here are some common bonuses available for live game show players:

  • Welcome Bonus: Many online casinos offer a welcome bonus for new players, which may include bonus funds or free spins that can be used on live game shows.
  • Deposit Bonus: Some casinos provide deposit bonuses, where they match a percentage of your deposit with bonus funds, giving you extra money to play with.
  • Free Spins: Free spins bonuses are often offered as part of promotional deals, allowing players to spin the reels on selected game shows without using their funds.
  • Cashback Offers: Cashback bonuses refund a percentage of your losses on live game shows, providing some financial relief if luck isn't on your side.
  • Exclusive VIP Bonuses: VIP players may receive exclusive bonus offers tailored specifically for live game show enthusiasts, including higher deposit bonuses and personalized rewards.
  • In-Game Bonuses: During live game show play, some specific bonuses can be achieved, such as multiplier boosts, instant cash prizes, or bonus rounds triggered by certain game outcomes. These bonuses add an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards to your gaming experience.

It's essential to be aware of any wagering or playthrough requirements associated with these bonuses. For example, a 30x wagering requirement means you must wager the bonus amount 30 times before you can withdraw any winnings. Additionally, check if there are any special conditions related to using bonuses on live game shows, such as minimum bet requirements or game restrictions. Always read the terms and conditions carefully to understand the full details of the bonus offer before claiming it.

Bonus Codes

How to Choose the Best Live Casino with Game Shows

When selecting the best live casino for enjoying game shows, consider the following tips to ensure an optimal gaming experience:

  • Game Variety: Look for a live casino that offers a diverse range of game shows, including popular titles like Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live, and Crazy Time. A wide selection allows you to explore different options and find the games that best suit your preferences.
  • Software Providers: Check the software providers powering the casino's live game shows. Reputable providers like Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play ensure high-quality gameplay, immersive features, and seamless streaming.
  • Streaming Quality: Opt for a live casino with high-definition streaming to enjoy crisp visuals and smooth gameplay. Lag-free streaming enhances the overall gaming experience and allows you to immerse yourself fully in the excitement of the game shows.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Look for live casinos that offer enticing bonuses and promotions specifically tailored to game show players. These bonuses can include welcome offers, deposit bonuses, and cashback rewards, providing additional value and incentives for playing.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Ensure that the live casino is compatible with your preferred devices, whether you're playing on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Mobile compatibility allows you to enjoy game shows on the go, anytime and anywhere.
  • Payment Options: Check the available payment methods supported by the live casino, ensuring convenient and secure deposit and withdrawal options. Look for casinos that offer a variety of payment options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.
  • Customer Support: Evaluate the quality of customer support provided by the live casino, including response times, availability, and support channels. Reliable customer support ensures prompt assistance in case of any issues or queries while playing game shows.


In conclusion, navigating the world of online casinos with live game shows can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By following the tips outlined in this guide, players can make informed decisions when choosing the best live casino for their gaming preferences. From exploring a diverse range of game show titles to ensuring high-quality streaming and convenient payment options, finding the right casino sets the stage for an immersive and enjoyable gaming journey. With the right combination of factors, players can maximize their entertainment and potentially walk away with impressive winnings.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What are game shows in online live casinos?

Game shows in online live casinos are a unique and exciting way to enjoy your favorite casino games. These games combine elements of traditional casino games with the fun and entertainment of popular TV game shows. You can participate in interactive gameplay, where real hosts guide you through the experience, just like being on a TV show! It's an immersive and thrilling way to play and win.

How do I play game shows at an online live casino?

Playing game shows at an online live casino is easy! Simply choose a reputable UK-based online casino that offers game show options. Once you've registered an account, navigate to the "game show" section of the website or app. From there, select your preferred game show and join the virtual room hosted by professional presenters. Place your bets using British pounds (£) or pence (p), interact with other players via chat features, and enjoy all the excitement these games have to offer!

Are there any specific rules for playing game shows at online live casinos?

Each game show may have its own set of rules, but they are generally straightforward and easy to understand. Before starting any new game show, take some time to familiarize yourself with its specific rules by reading through the instructions provided by the host or checking out any available tutorials. Remember that it's always important to gamble responsibly within your means.

Can I win real money playing game shows at online live casinos?

Absolutely! Playing game shows at UK-based online live casinos gives you a chance to win real money prizes while having fun. Just like traditional casino games, these virtual versions offer various betting options that allow you to wager actual cash for a chance at winning big payouts.

Which popular TV-inspired game shows can I find in UK-based online live casinos?

UK-based online live casinos feature a wide range of popular TV-inspired game shows tailored specifically for players from United Kingdom. Some of the most well-known game shows you can find include Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, and Crazy Time. Each game show offers its own unique gameplay mechanics and exciting features to keep you entertained.

Are there any bonuses or promotions available for playing game shows at online live casinos?

Yes! Many UK-based online live casinos offer special bonuses and promotions specifically for their game show offerings. These can include welcome bonuses, free spins, deposit matches, or even exclusive tournaments with cash prizes. Make sure to check the promotions section of your chosen casino's website or app to see what exciting offers are currently available for game show enthusiasts like yourself.

Can I play game shows on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Most reputable UK-based online live casinos have optimized their platforms to be fully compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This means you can enjoy all the thrilling action of your favorite TV-inspired game shows from anywhere in United Kingdom as long as you have a stable internet connection. Simply visit the casino's website using your mobile browser or download their dedicated app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

How do I know if an online live casino offering game shows is safe and trustworthy?

When choosing an online live casino that offers game shows in United Kingdom, it's crucial to prioritize safety and trustworthiness. Look for casinos that are licensed by reputable regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Additionally, read reviews from other players to gauge their experiences with customer support responsiveness, secure payment methods offered (such as PayPal), fair gaming practices ensured by independent auditors like eCOGRA, and overall reputation within the industry.

Remember: always gamble responsibly!