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Those who already follow games made by Evolution will certainly know the Dream Catcher game, the first and most famous of the developer’s live game shows that they have become famous for. First Person Dream Catcher is the solo version of that famous game that brings a more relaxed experience to the player that can be played with all the convenience of an online slot. Eager to try out First Person Dream Catcher for yourself? Don't wait any longer! Head to our toplist on CasinoRank and choose a top-rated First Person Dream Catcher casino to dive into the live action.

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What is First Person Dream Catcher?

The best way to think of First Person Dream Catcher is as a solo-play alternative to the live Dream Catcher game. It is part of the First Person series made by Evolution, which are non-live versions of all of their most popular games. In general, they keep all of the core gameplay but remove the live studio, the host, and the other players from the mix.

For First Person Dream Catcher, the all-important wheel is front and center. It is filled mostly with number symbols ranging from 1 to 40 which the player can bet on for each spin. The higher the number on the space, the higher the payout, but there is only one 40 symbol on the entire board making it extremely rare to land. The important thing to remember is that if the wheel stops on 20, it won’t pay out anything unless the player has a wager on that number.

There are also two multiplier symbols on the board, one worth 2x and one worth 7x. Each one will multiply the value of any wins on the next spin, and can also stack in the event that they get landed on more than once in a row.

The big advantages to playing Dream Catcher First Person compared to Dream Catcher Live are both convenience and speed. There are no set times to play, no waiting times for players to make bets, and no longer wait for results or downtime between spins. It can be played anytime and anywhere.

How to Play First-Person Dream Catcher

The game starts with the player placing bets on one of the 6 number options in front of them, although the player isn’t limited to just one bet. Multiple bets can be placed on different numbers before the spin starts, although, unlike the live version with variable bet amounts, Dream Catcher in First Person has fixed bet amounts between 1 and 5000 per wager.

Once all bets are confirmed, the player activates the wheel spin, which will then land on one of the 54 slots on the wheel. Any bets on the number that lands immediately pay out, while multipliers result in another spin with the same bets in place. Any wins are now multiplied by that number, and another 2x or 7x space will increase the multiplier by that much for another spin. For instance, a 2x space followed by a 7x space would result in a 14x multiplier on the next spin.

Unlike Evolution’s later game show wheel games, Dream Catcher doesn’t feature any special bonus rounds and the First Person version is the same. What is on the board is what there is.

Play First Person Dream Catcher for Free

Evolution usually only makes live games that naturally can’t feature a demo mode, and they’ve applied that to the First Person series as well, so there is currently no way to play the game for free.

Play First Person Dream Catcher for Real Money

To play First Person Dream Catcher for real money requires a verified account at a live online casino as well as deposited funds to play with. The game usually appears within the table games section of a live casino site.

Other Games in the First-Person Series

Despite the popularity of the other game show wheel games in Evolution’s library, Dream Catcher is the only one so far to get the First Person treatment. With that said, the series is quite extensive and includes a number of different titles to try out. The single feature each game shares is the ‘Go Live’ button, which can be used to jump straight to the live version of the game being played.

First Person Mega Ball

First Person Mega Ball really boils down to a game of bingo but with a bit of added spark. In each round 20 base numbers are dropped into a tube, and any numbers that appear are marked off the player’s game card. The more lines of numbers that are completed on a single card, the higher the payout will be, up to 10,000x for 6 or more lines.

The extra part is that there is a 21st ball that drops, the Mega Ball, which comes with a randomly spun multiplier. Any lines that the Mega Ball completes are given the multiplier, and there’s even a chance of a second Mega Ball dropping on the spin.

First Person Lightning Roulette

First Person Lightning Roulette essentially does for roulette what Mega Ball does for bingo. It is played in the same manner as a European roulette game, with a player making bets on the space that the ball will land on once the wheel stops spinning. The lightning element is that after bets are locked in, between 1 and 5 numbers on the wheel get a multiplier added to them, which multiplies any winning bets featuring those numbers.

How to Win at First Person Dream Catcher

It’s difficult to give any real strategies for First Person Dream Catcher, as it is fundamentally down to chance thanks to the random number generator that is powering it. The only decisions a player can make are whether to make bets on smaller numbers and go for the more likely wins but smaller payouts, make bets on big numbers with a low win chance or make multiple bets across different numbers to spread the odds out.
However, as each spin is separate from the previous ones, there’s no way to predict what the next result will be. As rare as it is, there have been cases in the live Mega Ball of four 7x multipliers landing in a row for a monumental total multiplier, although the odds of it are extremely low.

First Person Dream Catcher Odds and Payouts

The odds of any single number landing are 32/54, or around 60%, for the 1 symbol to land, up to 1/54, or just under 2%, for a 40 symbol or either of the multipliers to land. The payouts match the odds, with 1 naturally being worth a 1x payout, a 2 worth a 2x payout, and so on up to 40 for the largest payout at 40x.
Multiple bets on a single winning number simply add together, as each wager made is independent of all the others. Multipliers are applied on all winning wagers on the next spin, although if the following spin is not a winner, the multiplier will not carry over to another spin.

RTP of First Person Dream Catcher

The official RTP of First Person Dream Catcher is 96.58%, which puts it slightly above the average in relation to other casino and slot games. It means that over a large number of wagers, like 1,000 or 10,000, the developer expects the player to come away with 96.58% of their wagers made. This is only an average though, and the numbers to expect after only 10 spins are unlikely to line up, and it’s no guarantee of any win.

The Experience of Playing First Person Dream Catcher

The fact that the game doesn’t have the live host, the studio, or the other players to interact with does make it a much more low-key game, but at the same time, it’s a much more relaxing experience where the player can choose their own pace to play. The production quality is still exactly what would be expected from a developer of Evolution’s pedigree, so there’s no loss in quality, and the convenience of playing it whenever fits the player best means that they can really get comfortable to play or even fit in a few spins on the move.

What is Evolution Gaming?

Amongst casino veterans, the name Evolution Gaming is a byword for high-quality live casino games, from table games through to elaborate game shows like the one that First Person Dream Catcher is based on. They produce game shows that are comparable to professional TV game shows, and while they only very rarely venture into games that aren’t live, the First Person series is one of the few examples.

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What is the RTP of First Person Dream Catcher?

First Person Dream Catcher’s RTP sits at 96.58%, although this number may shift very slightly depending on the casino hosting it. All RTP is an average value, so the player’s individual results may be a lot higher or lower in reality.

How do you win First Person Dream Catcher?

Wins pay out when the player correctly chooses the number that the wheel lands on, and pays out to the value of that number. If the player has bets on multiple numbers, they can get both winning and losing bets on one spin.

Are there any bonuses or extras in First Person Dream Catcher?

Aside from the 2x and 7x multiplier spaces, a big part of the game’s charm is its simplicity, which means there are no added extras to the formula.

Is First Person Dream Catcher safe to play?

Evolution is easily one of the most well-established and well-known casino developers in the industry and their name on a game is a badge of both quality and security.

What’s the minimum bet in First Person Dream Catcher?

The minimum bet is fixed at 1 per wager, although multiple bets can be placed on different numbers, so the minimum to cover all numbers is 6.