Dragon Tiger

November 28, 2020

Why players love Dragon Tiger

Ethan Williams
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Dragon Tiger is a game that mostly attracts Asian players in physical casinos. However, when is played online there’s the possibility of being enjoyed this fast action game and also the live casino version of dragontiger. That’s highly advantageous. When this game is played then you play it with a set of regular deck of cards. It is used between six to eight decks in a shoe. In it, players won’t play against the dealer. It’s very similar to baccarat and players will choose which hand will be likely to get the highest card.

Why players love Dragon Tiger

Basic rules and how is Dragon Tiger played

In order to enjoy this game, players will have to place their real money bets on the Dragon or the Tiger. Then they’ll have to wait until the live dealer places the cards on the table, both facing upwards and that means that they will be revealed. All aces are actually low cards and if both places get the same value card, then the hand is a tie and the house will have to take half of every wager placed. There aren’t any special rules and no skills required to play dragon tiger. Players just need to guess which is the spot that will get the highest card, which is the simplest thing.

What moves players have

Players don’t have a lot of moves when while they play live dealer dragon tiger and they can place a bet on the dragon or the tiger split. The one with the highest card will win and the payout will be done accordingly. There are even tie bets that players can place if the result of the cards is an equal value. The payout for this bet is actually 8:1, the same as in baccarat. However, tie bets offer casinos an enormous house edge at 32.7%, so it’s better to avoid this bet.

Big and Small bets can also be placed in this game and players will bet on whether the Dragon or the Tiger so will be Big, over 7, or Small, under 7. However, this type of bet will lost if either spot is a 7.

Suit bets and strategies

There’s one more bet that you can place on dragon tiger and it is called the suit bet. With it, the wager will have to pay 3:1 if a correct suit is chosen. Players will choose either the dragon or tiger hand and also guess which suit the card will be. Like on the other bets in this game, the dealer will take the players’ bets if a 7 is revealed.

There are some strategies that can be used when you’re playing live dragon tiger. It’s possible to count cards, for example, like in blackjack, but since minimal cards are used in each hand this is something very hard to do. Players do have an advantage if they seek out a live dealer dragon tiger casino that uses a 6 decks shoe since that means there are less cards being played, which makes it possible to count cards and choosing the right wagers at the table. When it comes to suit bets, players should watch which suits in play for each hand. If 3 of the 4 suits have appeared more often than one, that’s definitely a great time to place a bet on that suit, which will increase the chances of winning this side bet.

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