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Best 10 Live Casinos in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, or also known by its official name – the Republic of Bulgaria, is a country located in Eastern Europe and a member of the European Union.

The largest city in the country is Sofia, which is also the capital, while other major cities include Burgas, Varna, and Plovdiv.

Best 10 Live Casinos in Bulgaria

Top casinos

Live Casinos in Bulgaria

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Live Casinos in Bulgaria

It occupies an area of 110,993 square kilometers and it has a population of over 6.8 million. Out of those, more than 84% are Bulgarians and other minorities include Turks and Romani people.

Currently, Bulgaria is a unitary parliamentary republic. It gained independence from the Ottoman Empire on October 5, 1908, while modern Bulgarian history started in 1990.

When it comes to its economy, this country is a developing nation that has upper-middle-income. Bulgaria also ranks 56th on the Human Development Index and its market economy consists of services, building, mining, and agriculture.

As for the current issues that the country is facing, the number one problem is corruption.

At the moment, Bulgaria is a member of:

  • NATO
  • EU
  • The Council of Europe,
  • Founding member of OSCE

It borders North Macedonia and Serbia to the west, Turkey and Greece to the south, the Black Sea to the east, and Romania to the North.

Its peak population was in 1988, but since then, the country is facing a population shrinking problem. In 1988, its peak population was around nine million.

Quick Summary on Live Casinos in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a fruitful relationship with the gambling industry. Ever since it was legalized in 1957, its residents are fond of playing casino games. That escalated with the rise of live casinos that provided them with a new and exciting gaming experience.

Live casinos in Bulgaria are legal and licensed operators are more than welcome to offer their services to the people, just as long as players are of legal age.

The legal gambling age in Bulgaria is 18. One of the main reasons why live casinos started becoming so popular in Bulgaria is that they provide players with several great benefits and thus, are superior to the land-based operators.

The process of regulating live casinos in Bulgaria is similar to the one of land-based casinos. Ever since they became fully regulated in 2021, they need to have a license in order to legally provide gambling services in the region.

Unlicensed sites are blocked by the government, which is doing a fantastic job in keeping its players secure. Statistics show that at the moment, there are around 1,000 blocked sites in the country.

One of the main reasons why the government of Bulgaria decided to legalize live casinos is that it realized the massive economic benefits that the country will have.

Ever since these sites became popular, they pay a lot of money in taxes. The only restriction that Bulgaria has in terms of online wagering concerns blood sports. No player can wager on this type of category as it is considered animal cruelty.

History of Gambling in Bulgaria

The history of gambling in Bulgaria dates back to 1957 when the industry was legalized. Ever since its legalization, the industry started flourishing and thousands of people started participating in these activities each day.

Thanks to the fact that the industry was extremely profitable, in 2008, the government decided to legalize online gambling as well, but it wasn't until 2012 when live casinos were fully regulated. This year, the government brought the Gambling Act 2012, and with it, all forms of gambling except for wagering on blood sports.

As time progressed, live casinos became increasingly popular and in 2021, they are almost dominating the industry. Due to the fact that Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, EU laws also started applying to the online gambling industry, live casinos included.

Gambling Nowadays in Bulgaria

As just mentioned, the gambling industry has risen a lot recently, and live casinos are a massive trend in Bulgaria nowadays. All residents who are of legal age are more than happy to access these sites and play their favorite games.

The fact that online gambling is well-regulated in the country is a massive benefit as licensed operators can freely provide their services to the people. One thing that is worth mentioning is the recent changes to the taxation of live casino operators.

In 2021, the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency took the place of the State Commission on Gambling in the process of regulation and licensing operator. Additionally, in 2013, the rules on fees and taxes were amended and made it easier for live casinos to be profitable.

Future of Online Casino in Bulgaria

The future of live casinos and online casinos in general in Bulgaria is looking bright. Judging from the recent developments in the industry, it is clear that the government is lenient towards these activities and will continue to do so in the future.

That is why online casinos, live casinos included are expected to continue growing and become the market leaders in the Bulgarian gambling industry. As they progress forward, there’s no denying the fact that the government will continue to create laws that will be able to keep in touch with the technology of the time and thus, be able to regulate the market properly.

Regulation Laws and Authorities

Currently, the law that regulates all forms of gambling in Bulgaria is the Gambling Act of 2012. According to this law, pretty much every form of gambling, both land-based and online, is legal in the country. The only type of wagering that is illegal Is betting on blood sports due to the fact that it is considered animal cruelty.

Up until recently, the main authority that was in charge of regulating live casinos and online casinos was the State Commission on Gambling. But, after the State Commission on Gambling was involved in a massive corruption scandal, it was shut down and replaced by the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency.

One additional thing that is worth mentioning is that since Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, EU laws also apply here. As for taxes, since 2013, Bulgarian operators are required to pay a one-time fee of €50,000 to obtain a license, while the tax on the net revenue is 20%.

Bulgarian Players Favourite Live Games

Considering the fact that Bulgarians are extremely fond of live casino games, it is safe to say that pretty much every game of this type can be considered their favorite. The number one spot arguably goes to live roulette as this is a classic game that Bulgarians have enjoyed for over 5 decades.

The beauty of live roulette is that it is very simple to play. Players wager on the columns, rows, or specific numbers where they think the numbers will fall. Red or black is also an option. One additional great feature of live roulette is that it has fantastic odds and there are countless variants, depending on the game provider.

Next, live Hold’em occupies the second spot as this is one of the casino games that requires skill far more than luck. Multiple players can compete against each other which means that the prize pools can be massive.

Finally, the third spot goes to live blackjack, which is another classic casino game that has simple gameplay. The goal in each round is simple – beat the dealer by having a card sum equal to 21 or at least bigger than the dealer’s.

Game Providers

Naturally, Bulgarian players are always researching sites that feature quality live games as they are synonymous with having a good gaming experience. So, they always keep an eye out on the providers that supply their chosen live casino. Some of the brands that they are always looking for are:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Ezugi
  • NetEnt

Other Casino Games

Apart from enjoying live casino games, Bulgarians are also fond of regular casino games, with online slots grabbing the top spot. Slots are among the most popular games in every country and at every online operator.

One additional type of wagering that is worth mentioning is sports betting. Bulgarians are massive sports fans and they are extremely open to placing bets on various sports. The most popular sport to bet on in this country is football, followed by basketball and tennis.

Most Preferred Casino Bonus in Bulgaria

One massive benefit that Bulgarian players receive by registering and playing at live casinos is the fact that they can claim numerous bonuses and promotions. The top bonus at live casinos in Bulgaria remains the welcome bonus as it is the first bonus that players from this country come across when they register at a live casino.

Welcome bonuses usually reward the player with match deposit bonuses, but they often contain extras such as Free Spins. Additionally, these offers may reward players with bonuses on their first 3 or 4 deposits, however, they vary, depending on the online casino.

Next up, we have Free Bets and Free Spins. These two bonuses are provided to sports betting fans and online slot fans, respectively. However, one thing that is worth mentioning is that they might come with quite a few terms and conditions, which will be explained later on.

Finally, cashback is always connected to live casino games and that is why they are extremely popular in Bulgaria. The only condition for these games is to play the featured live casino games for a certain period and for real money to redeem some of the lost amounts.

How To Claim These Bonuses

All bonuses at live casinos, and online casinos in general, are subject to terms and conditions that players need to meet before they can claim them. Welcome bonuses can be a bit complicating, especially if they include Free Spins and match deposit bonuses.

Some of the T&Cs that need to be met includes:

  1. Bonus validity period
  2. Maximum bonus amount
  3. Free Spins validity
  4. Wagering requirements
  5. Minimum deposits
  6. Eligible payment methods
  7. Market restrictions

Free Spins and Free Bets also come with a few terms and conditions such as maximum bet amount and maximum bonus, wagering requirements, and short validity period.

Cashbacks are arguably the simplest bonuses to claim as their only condition is to play the featured games for a specific period and for real money.

The terms and conditions vary, depending on the live casino, which is why important for players to read them before they decide to claim the bonus.

Payment Methods in Bulgaria

Bulgarian players are aware of the fact that if they wish to play the games for real money or claim any of the aforementioned bonuses and promotions, they will have to deposit funds into their accounts.

The most commonly used payment method in Bulgaria is a debit card. They are extremely secure and provide players with fast deposits and withdrawals.

What’s even better is the fact that they rarely come with fees on deposits or withdrawals and are always eligible to claim the featured bonuses and promotions. Credit cards are not as popular as debit cards, but they are also used quite often.

Next up, Skrill and Neteller deserve a mention. The reason why players from this country are fond of using these e-wallets is due to the fact that they are extremely secure and provide them with instant deposits and withdrawals.

However, they are often subject to fees and many live casinos do not consider them eligible to claim the featured bonuses and promotions.

Lastly, mobile payment methods are used by thousands of players thanks to their convenience.

Top casinos

1GenesisUp to $1008
2Drück GlückUp to $1008
5Vegas HeroUp to $1008
6SlotyUp to $1009
7Play MillionUp to €2008
8EU Casino$1006
9Casino CruiseUp to $ 10008
10SpinitUp to $1008


Are live casinos regulated in Bulgaria?


Bulgaria is among the countries that adopted live casinos and online casinos in general, fairly early, before they even became popular. With the Gambling Act of 2012, live casinos became legal and since then, players are more than welcome to access these sites and play the latest games, just as long as they are of legal age and have a stable connection to the Internet.

What are the accepted currencies at Bulgarian live casinos?


In most cases, the US dollar and the Euro are accepted at Bulgarian live casinos. The Bulgarian lev is only featured at live casinos that target that region specifically, but even if it’s not on the list of accepted payment methods, Bulgarians will face no issue as they can easily convert their money into their native currency.

How can Bulgarian players claim the featured bonuses?


To claim the featured bonuses at live casinos, Bulgarian players first need to register an account, then verify it. Registering and verifying an account is very simple as it takes just a few minutes. All that is required is to supply the operator with information such as first and last name, email, desired username, and password. After they’ve verified their account and met the terms and conditions of the respective bonus, they can reap its benefits.

Are cryptocurrencies accepted at live casinos?


Cryptocurrencies are not as widespread as other regular payment methods such as credit and debit cards at live casinos in Bulgaria, however, it is worth noting that they are on an uprising trend due to the fact that they provide players with tons of fantastic benefits, some of which are instant payments, increased security, and no fees attached.

Do deposits and withdrawals come with any fees?


In a majority of cases, deposits and withdrawals do not come with any fees, however, the case varies, depending on the casino and the payment method itself.

On rare occasions, live casinos can charge fees for deposits and/or withdrawals, but in most cases, if fees are charged, they are external, meaning that they are out of the control of live casinos. Such is the case with e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Do live casinos support the Bulgarian language?


A majority of online casinos do not support Bulgarian, but logically, those that have a major focus on that region, feature it. In a majority of cases, Bulgarian players opt-in for the English language, if Bulgarian is not available.

Which authority regulates online gambling in Bulgaria?


Up until recently, the authority that was in charge of regulating all forms of gambling in Bulgaria, online gambling included, was the State Commission on Gambling. However, several high-end executives from this authority were caught up in a major corruption scandal, which is why this regulator was shut down and replaced by the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency, which is now in charge of regulating and licensing operators in the region.

Which law regulates live casinos in Bulgaria?


The law that regulates all forms of online gambling in Bulgaria is the Gambling Act 2012. According to this Act, both land-based and online casinos, live casinos included, are legal and players who are of legal age are free to register and play the featured games. The legal gambling age in Bulgaria is 18 and the only restriction concerns wagering on blood sports. They are considered animal cruelty and thus, are illegal.

Are live casinos in Bulgaria secure?


Since Bulgaria has effective laws that regulate the online gambling industry well, it also has a blocking system that does not allow unlicensed operators to offer their services. Statistics show that as many as 1,000 unlicensed sites have been blocked by the government, which makes live casinos in Bulgaria safe.

What is the legal gambling age in Bulgaria?


As mentioned a few times in this review, the legal gambling age in Bulgaria is 18.

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