10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Andorra

Live casino gaming in Andora is still in its transitional stage, with all indications showing that it is ¬on an upward trajectory. An increasing number of punters in the country are shifting from land-based and RNG casino games to live dealer games, mainly because it offers more advantages.

Andorra's relatively small population means that the number of Andorran players who enjoy live casino gaming is low. The number of adult punters aged 18 to 64 years stands at about 50,000 people. Almost half of the population plays live casino games, though the number is fast increasing. However, the country typically hosts over ten million tourists annually, with a good percentage being punters. Read on to find out more about live casinos in Andorra.

10 Top-Rated Live Gambling Sites in Andorra
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Andorra Live Casinos

Live casinos are technically legal in Andorra. However, there is still no live casino based in the country. Even the big players offering premium live casino software are yet to establish live casino studios there. Live casino operators consider the population too small to invest in a live casino there. Andorran punters thus rely on offshore live casinos to access their favorite live games.

Hundreds of live dealer casinos accept punters from Andorra. However, with many options, it becomes tasking for most players to select the best live dealer casino, especially newbies. To help narrow down the options, punters should consider licensing and reputation. That will help eliminate gambling sites set up for scam and fraud purposes.

For starters, any live casino player should consider any elements that can affect the live gaming experience, including streaming quality, the variety of games offered, languages spoken by the live dealers, and transaction amount limits. Other considerations include available payment methods, security, bonus offers, and personal preferences.

An easy solution that can help Andorran punters choose the most suitable live casino for them is using the casino ranking and review platforms such as Live CasinoRank. These sites usually go to great lengths to sift through numerous options before presenting a curated list to help players make informed choices.

History of Gambling in Andorra

By European standards, Andorra traditionally took a very conservative approach to gambling. Before the mid-90s, no casinos or related businesses were permitted to operate in the tiny Pyrenean principality.

This changed in 1996 when games of bingo were made legal in the country for the very first time. At this point, online casinos also began to grow in popularity with the arrival of broadband internet connections making it far easier for locals to play live casino games.

Until 2012, this was the only type of gambling game that was permitted. At that point, the government began a review of the country’s gambling laws which helped to create the situation that the country finds itself in today.

Gambling Nowadays in Andorra

Although gambling at physical casinos is now legal in Andorra, bingo remains the only type of game that it is currently possible to play in the country.

This has made live online casinos, which can offer a large variety of popular casino games very popular. The first application for a physical casino in Andorra is currently making its way through the court system after being turned down by the government.

Should this succeed, it should be possible to play physical casino games in Andorra in the relatively near future. In the meantime, there are plenty of online live casino options

Lotteries are also legal in the country and this is another form of a game that is very popular (although none of them come close to the scale of Spain’s famous ONCE lottery).

Gambling tax is relatively low by international standards but it is not tax-free online or in-person. Taxes are reduced even further on lotteries and other gambling events that exist specifically to raise money for charities and other worthy causes.

Future of Online Casino in Andorra

The slow pace at which the Andorran government has processed casino license applications and its apparent reluctance to grant them shows that there are two possible paths for the future of casino and online gaming in Andorra.

This may change if the first bricks-and-mortar casino is a success and helps to boost the Andorran economy, 80% of which currently relies on tourism.

Andorra is already a very popular skiing destination but this means that its tourist economy is highly seasonal and there is limited demand from visitors in summer. Casinos could help to change this and make sure that there is demand for trips to Andorra all year round.

Best Bonuses in Andorra

One thing that casino operators use to attract Andorran punters is attractive bonuses and playing incentives. Live casinos in the country offer different bonus types and amounts. That typically depends on the target audience, games offered, and the financial capacity of the casino operators, among other factors. The bonuses are usually offered in various forms as per what works best for the live casino provider.

It is worth noting that bonuses typically have several conditions and wagering requirements. In most cases, punters can utilize the rewards freely. However, they must fulfill all the wagering requirements and terms to withdraw any winnings resulting from the bonuses.

Popular Live Casino Bonuses

Nearly all live casino providers that accept Andorran punters offer several types of top casino bonuses. Here are some of the top bonus types in the country.

Welcome Bonuses

Live dealer casinos usually employ welcome bonuses to attract new punters. Welcome bonuses can also entice punters looking to switch from one casino to another. Most live casino providers usually base the bonus amount they offer on the first deposit the player makes. However, a few have fixed amounts of welcome bonuses offered to all new punters.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are almost similar to the welcome bonuses, except they are offered to existing players when they fund their accounts. That can be on the second reload, every month, or any other criteria that the operator employs.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are usually offered as a 'small' percentage of the wagers that players lose as a sign of goodwill from the casino operators. The cashback typically ranges from 5% to 20%, but mostly with a cap on the amount that players can get back.

How to Claim the Bonuses

Most casino providers usually require punters to provide a bonus code to activate the bonuses. In addition, bonuses are automatically credited to the punters' accounts in some cases.

Other Live Casino Bonuses

  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Preferred deposit bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • VIP bonuses

Live Casino Payment Methods in Andorra

Andorran punters have a wide variety of options that they can use to deposit funds into their live casino gaming accounts, with some supporting withdrawals. However, each payment method has its unique set of pros and cons. As a result, punters have to consider several things to determine the most suitable options. Some of the considerations are highlighted below.

Processing Speed

Processing speed is an essential factor to consider when selecting a casino payment method. It determines how soon a player can join a live casino table and start playing after depositing funds. Most of the popular options support instant payment processing.


Security is always a weighty consideration whenever transactions involving monetary value take place. As a result, most Andorran punters typically limit their options to secure payment methods that ensure computer hackers will not intercept their money or banking information.

Transaction Limits

Most payment methods have transaction limits. Punters thus choose the methods that offer suitable limits to them. For example, high rollers typically opt for payment options with a high maximum transaction limit.

Andorran Local Payment Methods

As mentioned earlier, there are no live casinos based in Andorra. As such, Andorran punters play in offshore live casinos. They are thus limited to the payment methods offered by the offshore casinos, which are typically the popular international payment methods. The currency used in Andorra is Euro, which is popular and accepted by most international live casinos.

Popular Payment Methods in Andorra

Credit Cards

Most Andorran punters prefer using credit cards to make deposits to live casinos. Card payments are among the most popular payment methods in live casinos in Andorra for the simple fact that they are easy to use, readily available, and attract preferred deposit bonuses in live casinos.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are the second most preferred alternative of payment methods. Digital wallets are popular because they allow instant deposits, do not charge any fees on deposits and are acceptable in nearly all live casinos. They also support withdrawals.

Playing with Real Money in Andorra

Live casinos are known for their vast entertainment. That attracts numerous players, some of whom have no intention of winning but desire to enjoy the thrill and joy of playing live casino games. A few live casinos offer free live titles, which can accommodate players with no intentions of putting their money at stake. However, most Andorran players enjoy playing with real money.

Playing with real money means the punters must deposit real money into their respective casino accounts. Punters must then place wagers using the funds, which they risk losing if the bet does not go their way.

Benefits of Playing with Real Money

Andorran punters who play with real money enjoy numerous benefits, despite the risk of losing their hard-earned cash. Most of the benefits apply irrespective of the live games offered. A few examples of the benefits are highlighted below.

Possibility of Winning Real Money

The most apparent benefit, and probably why most punters play real-money live games, is that they stand a chance of winning real money. In addition, some casino games and bets have attractive wager-to-payout ratios, which increases a player's chances of winning.

Access to Premium Features

Playing with real money allows punters to access all the live casino features, most of which can significantly enhance the gaming experience. Players also get access to the casino's variety of games, allowing them to try new games or play their preferred games.

Free Bonuses

Another perk of playing with real money is that the punters get free bonuses and other incentives. The bonuses provide punters with a possibility to make extra money and the opportunity to try new live games without risking their money.

Enhanced Game Thrill

Playing with real money makes the live games more exciting and thrilling. Punters experience more adrenaline rush at the possibility of losing or winning real cash.

Laws and Restrictions in Andorra

The legal situation regarding the legality of gambling in Andorra is rather interesting. The state has already passed laws that make several forms of gambling legal, including live gambling but is yet to implement the laws. The relevant gambling legislation is Gambling Law/2021, which was an amendment to the Gambling Law 37/2014.

The prolonged transition period is primarily because of the uncertainty regarding the particular games that should be allowed, the number of licenses to be granted, and a few other issues. In addition, there has been no communication from the Andorran government regarding the timelines and modalities of implementing live gambling laws. However, there has not been too much opposition on the issue recently, indicating that it might be soon.

Regulatory Authority

Despite Andorra being in a transition period regarding the gambling laws, it has a fully-fledged gambling regulatory authority called the Andorra Regulatory Council for Games, locally known as CRAJ. The regulator is tasked with issuing licenses to gambling operators looking to set up business within the country.

So far, the gambling authority has not yet issued any license to online or live casino operators. Opinions from experts indicate that the Andorran gambling market is too small for casino operators to consider going through all the trouble and expenses of getting licensed in the country. That means punters might still have to play live games at offshore live casinos for several years.

Gambling Tax Laws in Andorra

The Andorran law requires all casinos licensed in the country to pay taxes at 25% of the gross gambling revenue. The government does not get much revenue from the gambling industry as there is only one land-based casino operating in the country. There are some exceptions to the tax rates for some games. Such include bingo and lotteries, subject to a 10% tax. Online and live gambling taxes can go as low as 3%.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

How Many physical Casinos Are There in Andorra?

At the moment, while there are no physical casinos in the country, this is expected to change soon. This is part of the reason why online casino games are so popular at the moment.

Is the Casino Scene in Andorra Growing Quickly?

The first in-person in Andorra has just been authorized to open. In many ways, it is a test to see what impact a casino has on the country and how big the appetite for in-person casino gaming is in Andorra, and the impact that this has on live online casino gaming.

If it is a success, then there is every chance that it could be the first of many casinos to open in the country.

Is gambling in Andorra legal?

Gambling is legal in Andorra. Punters can enjoy several forms of gambling, irrespective of whether it is in local or offshore casinos. Casino operators are also allowed to base their business operations in the country, provided they obtain a license and follow all the stipulated regulations.

What is the best live casino in Andorra to play at?

Currently, there are no live casinos based in Andorra. However, there are hundreds of offshore live casinos that accept Andorran punters. Andorran punters can find the most suitable options at the Livecasinorank website.

Is online gambling banned in Andorra?

Online gambling is prohibited in Andorra. However, Andorran punters can legally gamble online, provided whatever they bet on is legal. There are also no relevant indications that online gambling will be banned soon.

Will I need to pay tax on my winnings in Andorra?

All punters in Andorra are required to pay taxes on all their winnings. The general tax rate is 25% of the gross winnings. However, the tax rate is significantly lower for some particular games. The tax rates for offshore live casinos offering their services to Andorran residents are still undefined, and the Andorran government does not seem to have systems to enforce the taxes.

What casino games are popular in Andorra?

The most popular live casino games in Andorra are roulette and blackjack. The games are relatively easy to play and available in most live casinos that accept Andorran punters.

Which online casino in Andorra has the best payouts?

No particular casino accepts Andorran punters that can be said to have the best payouts. That is because the payouts vary for the different live games they offer. However, most popular international live casinos offer relatively attractive payouts to avoid being crushed by stiff competition.

Is it safe to play in live online casinos in Andorra?

Most of the live casinos that accept Andorran punters have all the security features to guarantee punters of safety. However, all punters should still take relevant precautions to ensure their safety. They should also report any suspicious activity to maximize their protection.

What is the legal online gambling age in Andorra?

The legal gambling age in Andorra is 18 years. However, that comes with the condition that the punter is of sound mind. It is worth noting that some live casinos have their specified age limits, typically 21 or 24.

What is the primary online gambling authority in Andorra?

The Andorra Regulatory Council for Games is Andorra's online principal gambling authority. It is locally known as Andorra’s Consell Regulador Andorrà del Joc.