10 Live Casinos That Use Nordea for Secure Deposits

Nordea financial group operates in northern Europe, with a base in Stockholm, Sweden. Nordea bank is a result of the successive mergers and acquisitions of the Finnish, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian banks. These mergers took place between 1997 and 2001. Nordea is one of the largest European financial service providers.

With a wide range of financial products, it allows live casino clients to make convenient and secure payments. Nordea also offers its customers a great online banking service that allows for their online shopping payments.

Currently, the Nordea payment method is regarded as the largest in the Nordic countries. Over the years, this payment option has become one of the most popular payment methods for top live casinos. As a major bank in Europe, Nordea has subsidiaries in over 20 countries across the world. Collaborations with almost 300 world-leading banks have made this possible. Nordea’s financial services are currently used by over 10 million consumers.

Nordea was named Bank of the year in Western Europe in 2012. It is important to note that only live casino players from Sweden and Finland can pay for their live game options using Nordea.

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Nordea Payment Options

Online banking has been made simple with the Nordea casino payment option. The rapidly changing business environment requires new payment methods from financial institutions all over the world. With Nordea, clients benefit from efficient cross-border payments. These payments are fast. Money transfers carried through the Nordea payment system are usually settled within one or two business days. For Nordea casino deposits, the processing time is usually around 15 minutes.

Transaction Fees and Currency

These transactions are not eligible for chargebacks thus making Nordea an attractive payment option. Customers are however charged a small fee for Nordea access codes. The monthly fee is €3 ($3.32), while a one-off access code payment of €50 ($55.26). Nordea payment option also charges its users for international transfers and in foreign currency transactions. These charges however vary depending on the users’ resident country. Nordea accepts online payments in different currencies. They include; DKK, USD, EUR, SGD, GBP, SEK, LTL, PLN, LVL, and, NOK.

An extra payment option, Netbank, is currently offered to Nordea’s wide customer base. The customers have the opportunity to facilitate financial transactions over mobile phones and via the internet. No registration is required.

Depositing with Nordea Payment Method at Live Casinos

Netbank is the most popular payment method in Nordea casinos. Netbank allows players to fund their live casino accounts in an instant. This is because the service processes transactions in real-time. The desired amount is transferred from the user’s bank account directly into the top live casino account. However, for this to be possible, players must first choose Nordea from the list of online payment methods provided by the live game's operator.

Some of the highest-ranking live casinos accept Nordea. Players that choose the Nordea payment system are even rewarded bonuses by these live game operators.
Depositing funds into the live casino account is fairly easy. Players using Nordea, are required to fill in an online form. This form requests relevant bank details, the deposit amount, and a bonus code if it is applicable. Once these steps are completed, the transaction details are displayed on the Nordea casino website, and the deposit process is finalized. Nordea payment option does not charge additional fees to these transactions.

Linking Nordea to a Bank Account

Nordea came up with a new payment solution that enabled users to link their bank accounts directly with Nordea. This new payment solution is called Nordea Connect. Nordea is accepted in most banks worldwide. All that is required of a user is to create a Nordea account, then link this account to their online banking account. However, users are required to pay a small fee for access codes that effectively link their bank accounts to the Nordea payment systems.

How to Make a Direct Deposit with Nordea Payment Services?

For a user to make a direct deposit with Nordea, he/she needs to have enough funds in the Nordea account to facilitate this transfer to the live casinos of choice. When creating a Nordea ePayment account, users are required to fill in the bank details of the desired bank account. After confirming the bank account details, users then deposit funds into their Nordea e-wallet account.

In most live casino top choices, players are given an option of either making deposits or withdrawals directly to their bank account, or the desired payment method option. In this case, a user can choose to use Nordea e-wallet as the primary account for both deposits and withdrawals.

Daily limits

With the Nordea payment method, the minimum daily deposit is as low as $10 in most certified Nordea live casinos. Withdrawals however have maximum limits varying from $2000-$5000.

Why Nordea Payment Option?



Instant finalizing of payments and deposits. This is a great feature for live game players that use Nordea. The funds deposited are immediately made available to players in their desired live casinos account.Users find the different access codes required for transactions too hard. To link the desired bank account to Nordea, users require different access codes from the ones required to link their Nordea accounts to the Nordea casino platforms.
The top software providers have given Nordea users the mobile banking application platform. This means that the users carry out transactions from their own trusted banking institutions without any security concerns whatsoever.Nordea payment method is only available to players that have a registered Nordea bank account. This to many is seen as the largest disadvantage.
The safety and security of the payment method are top-notch.Limitation to just Sweden and Finland locks out many players from accessing the payment method


Nordea's payment system is considered to offer sufficient security protocols for online payment transactions. Users’ sensitive information is not provided to third parties. All the user data is processed in a risk-free, and secure banking environment.

Making a live casino payment using Nordea debit or credit cards is easy and secure. The information that players give is not transmitted to any third party. In this case, the merchant or live game operator. The only information received by the third parties is a confirmation of payment or a successful identification of the user.

Nordea payment management ensures that other parties cannot decrypt between the user and the bank in question. To make this effective, users are encouraged to create and exchange a certificate with the bank in question.

Protection from scammers

To protect users from fraudsters and scammers, Nordea advises its customers on a few steps to protect themselves. These include:

  • The provider insists their users never share their personal access codes, PIN numbers, and passwords with anyone. The payment platform has a secure channel for handling this kind of confidential information.
  • Users need to contact customer service if they receive any suspicious messages from any organization purporting to be Nordea.
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