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How To Play Three Card Poker


How To Play Three Card Poker

Three-card poker or prime three-card poker, as it is called in some casinos, is quick, interesting and does not require a lot of skills. This game was invented by a man from the UK called Derek Webb. One plays against the dealer to win.

Three card poker, despite being relatively new, is favoured by a lot of people. This is because one has a great chance of winning against the house as opposed to other variations of poker. One can either choose to a wager with frequent payoffs or a wager with up to 40 the bet.

Three Card Poker Rules

This form of poker is played with a single deck of cards. The cards, whether in a brick and mortar casino or live casino, are always shuffled after every hand for fairness. In land-based casinos, the deck of cards is shuffled using a machine. This is done to limit human error.

The game is always played on a table with the three-card logo visible so that visitors to the table can identify the game quickly. In front of the dealer, there are 3 shapes of cards for where the dealer's cards are to be placed. There are also Ante, play and pair plus signs visible on the table.

Simple Strategies To Win

  1. Learn The Rules The best way for one to master anything is by learning the rules. Learning the rules helps when it comes to the type of bets one can do at any given time. This will also minimise mistakes and avoids the loss of money

  2. Practice They say practice makes perfect and this is true for any game. With lots of practice, one can become a professional in no time. The best ways to practise are either to play with a friend who is good at three card poker or to practise using online casinos.

Best Strategies To Win

  1. Setting Limits Self-control is something that troubles us all especially when things are going great. It is very important for players to have set limits that they stick to. This not only limits rashed decisions but also ensures that players do not lose their winnings.

  2. Playing Two Games At Once. When playing a money game one can play both an ante play bet as well as pair plus to keep the record even

  3. Find A Great Casino Play at. A great casino can help one gain valuable knowledge as well as the confidence to go up against professionals.

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