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Side Bet City is one of Evolution Gaming's best creations. The poker game with a fa scinating 1980s theme was released in 2019, and many casino game enthusiasts worldwide were over the moon. Most of the game's fans confessed to loving its fast speed and simplicity. A huge chunk of them also liked that the number of acceptable players is unlimited, meaning that anyone could join the game and enjoy themselves. With an intuitive interface, which is also optimized, Side Bet City players can place their bets while watching the game's action and engaging with it.

How to Play Side Bet City?How to Win At Side Bet City
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How to Play Side Bet City?

Playing Side Bet City is stress-free, especially for players who are already passionate about poker. It is wise for one to research the game, understand it, and choose the best live casinos where they can play it. Mastering Side Bet City rules is mandatory for those who strive to make the most out of the exciting casino game that transports gamblers back to Las Vegas in 1985. When playing the game, the standard 52-card deck is used, and the dealer has to draw seven cards from it. Additionally, players must adhere to conventional poker rules.

Here are more Side Bet City rules:

  • Players will get a 15-second window between every round to evaluate their betting options and place their bets for the following round.
  • There are four betting options for players: 3-card hand, 5-card hand, 7-card hand, and all lose or no win.
  • The value of the first three cards to be dealt determines the outcomes of the 3-card hand.
  • The first five card's value determines the results of the 5-card hand.

The first seven cards determine the 7-card hand's results.

The all lose bet shows that there are no winning hands.

How to Win At Side Bet City

When playing Side Bet City, all players want to win, no matter the cost. Playing by the rules is one way to do that, but it's not always enough. It helps when a gambler has one or several smart tips up their sleeve. It is crucial to comprehend that while one way may work for one player, it might not be ideal for another. That being said, below are some useful strategies that players could take advantage of to win on Side Bet City.

Side Bet City Strategy

  • One of the best strategies that a player could use when playing Side Bet City is placing their bets on two positions simultaneously: the 3-card hand and the no win position. The all lose position becomes their insurance bet so that even if things don't go wrong, they still get a consolation win. This strategy also allows them to play for a longer time.
  • Another strategy for gamblers is always playing the 3-card position because it comes with the smallest house edge compared to other hands.
  • For those who don't know much about Side Bet City and are a bit low on optimism, the no win position is best for them.
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When was Side Bet City invented?

Side Bet City was invented by Evolution Gaming, a leader in of fering Live Casino games, in 2019.

What are Side Bet City odds?

Side Bet City odds are determined by the strength of the bet one chooses to place. For instance, the no win position has odds of 0.7:1.

Is it ideal to place four bets simultaneously?

No. While placing two bets (no win and 3-card hand) at the same time is prudent, four wagers could quickly drain a player's account.