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Monopoly Live as A Hot Property for Live Casinos


Monopoly Live as A Hot Property for Live Casinos

Monopoly Live is an amazing game created by Evolution Gaming in partnership with Hasbro, and it is only available from Evolution Gaming. This game is based on the famous board game across the world and is based on an exciting Dream Catcher Game.

Therefore, Monopoly Live is also filled with suspense and excitement that players can find in the leading wheel game. Plus, with the additional unique monopoly elements, the game is as exciting as playing monopoly with friends and family. This new hot property from Evolution Gaming couples the monopoly's action and cool graphics to change live casinos forever.

Monopoly Live

For the purpose of clarification, Monopoly Live is an entertaining live variant of the globally popular monopoly board game. The game is designed to be simple and the gamer's objective is simple as well. To get started, the dealer will spin a large board that's vertically mounted as players predict where the wheel will stop.

As this progresses, the virtual "Mr. Monopoly" will be sitting by the side and ready to spring into action. Gamers will also get an opportunity to bet on chance segments that allow them to win instant cash and get multipliers. The other segments are designed to augment the famous board game to make it more entertaining.

The Money Wheel Game

Playing the online Monopoly Live game is quite easy. Gamers simply need to bet on any random numbers that they feel will be the wheel's stop line. These include 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 rolls, and 4 rolls. If the winner's predictions match, they will win the corresponding payout.

In case the wheel stops by a chance segment, then Mr. Monopoly will give the players a chance card that will give players either random cash prices or multiplier bonuses. The more chances that gamers acquire the more their money is multiplied. Bonus games start when players place bets on the 2 rolls or 4 rolls.

3D Bonus Round

The 3D bonus round is an entertaining level that gamers will love. When activated, qualifying gamers will join Mr. Monopoly as they enter the world of 3D Monopoly on a 3D Monopoly board that is designed to collect prizes and many more. The walk-in this world is determined by dices.

As stated earlier, gamers can only qualify for the bonus games by placing bets on the 2 rolls and 4 rolls. Those who have not placed bets on these rolls can also be able to view and partake in the 3D world of Monopoly. However, they cannot be able to win prizes.

The Duties of a Casino Pit Boss

2020-09-21The successful management of casinos depends on the roles played by each employee. A pit boss in the casino is an individual who controls casino floor operations. The objective is to ensure seamless [game]( operations. Also, pit bosses supervise dealers, watch for errors, and check if proper procedures are followed. Over the years, the pit boss job has evolved. Initially, a pit boss was the casino manager; nonetheless, in recent times, their roles include overall management of the casino floor. Like any other career, casino experience is crucial to secure the job. Below are a few aspects that answer the question, "what do pit bosses do?"

How to Play Live Craps

2020-09-20Craps is a game where participants gamble on the results of the roll of a pair of dice. It is played on a purpose-built table where two dice are used. Being such a popular game, the dice are made under strict standards and replaced after an eight-hour use. Live craps online use chips to make a wager on the craps table. Further, the bets will vary among the casino due to aspects like payouts, location and availability. It is played in rounds with bets placed on them. Playing craps is lucrative and enjoyable, once the players understand the rules and implement the right strategy.

Popular Gambling Games in Asia

2020-09-19Gambling and casinos are games that have been part of the Asian culture. Macau, located off the coast of China, is the “gambling capital” with revenues that account for 50% of the economy. In 2015 alone, the gambling revenue for Macau was $28 billion. Many modern casino games originated from Asia. In Asia, fortune, chance, and luck are closely associated with their culture. Initially, many citizens would travel to the USA to learn and try their luck in [live casinos]( Now Asia h as the best casinos in the form of revenues in Macau. With robust Asian traditions, here are some of the most popular Asian casino games.
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