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BetConstruct launches live Pai Gow Poker


BetConstruct launches live  Pai Gow Poker

It was just announced that BetConstruct has launched a new live casino game, Pai Gow Poker, so it can actually maximise option and also player lifetime value for its partners. Pai Gow is a very slow-paced game and it’s specifically tailored to the business needs of both operators and also for players.

BetConstruct thoughts

BetConstruct said that this new version of Pai Gow definitely recalls the feeling and impression of the original game, that was originated in China . This game has also other advantages such as low house edge and low volatility and, something that players really like, it’s the slow speed of play.

A competitive game

This game is surely competitive but there’s an enjoyable atmosphere around it. This means that many players all over the world can join the game and connect with each other. All they have to do is to beat the banker and, after doing that, they basically have to take advantage of the match. It’s very simple what players have to do in Pai Gow Poker.

If you like these types of games, then you’ll surely love this one. You’ll have a lot of fun and, plus, there’s a lot you can win. This is the perfect game for a lot of people, so if you should try it and maybe you’ll like it. Or not. Just make sure you try it once and there’s the chance of you actually loving it. And you can be sure that this game by BetConstruct has an incredible quality and a fantastic gameplay.

The best addition to any live casino

This recent addition of Pai Gow to the BetConstruct’s diverse portfolio is aimed at adding to the earnings of operators owning live casino businesses and also to give them opportunities to grow regarding revenues and success in long-term. This game is live nowadays on the website of the partners of BetConstruct, which give more entertainment and a whole new level of fun for players.

There are a lot of people who love poker and this game is definitely a great addition to online casino who are partners with BetConstruct. Of course, there are more games available at these casinos but this one definitely distinguishes itself from any other game. So if you’d like to play a game with high-quality, then choosing Pai Gow Poker it’s the right choice.

Choose BetConstruct and their live games

If you’re at an online casino and there’s available BetConstruct’s Pai Gow Poker, then choose it. If you usually don’t like poker, that doesn’t mean anything because this is a completely different type of poker and you might like this one. It’s actually slow-paced, played differently and it has an incredible gameplay. You’ll surely like it.

BetConstruct is a worldwide known brand and it has been working in this industry for some years. Its intentions are simple: it wants to become more successful and to provide more games for players, with the highest quality possible. Therefore, it has been developing incredible games that are available at its partner casinos.

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