July 5, 2022

Flat Betting Baccarat and Blackjack Strategy for Online Live Casinos

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Playing live blackjack and baccarat is fun and rewarding. These are not only some of the most straightforward and most rewarding games, but players can also use a betting system to minimize losses. You probably know the Martingale and D’Alembert betting systems, don’t you?

Flat Betting Baccarat and Blackjack Strategy for Online Live Casinos

But one of the most underrated live dealer blackjack betting systems is flat betting. This system can help limit your live casino spending and increase your winning sessions if used correctly. So, what exactly is flat betting, and is it worth the trouble? You’re about to find out!

What is flat betting?

Flat betting is a gambling system commonly used in live blackjack and roulette. It’s a pretty straightforward system. Gamers maintain the same stake, hoping a winning streak will set in no matter how short. For example, if you bet $2 and win, that’s good. Now bet another $2. If you win or lose, stake the same amount in your subsequent bet. Sounds crazy, right?

The good thing about flat betting strategy is it gives tight control over your budget. Often, you’ll use a small percentage of your bankroll, mostly 1%, to bet on a single round in this strategy. But this can also limit your potential payout size if your bankroll isn’t big enough. 

Flat betting in live casino blackjack

First and foremost, decide the betting unit to use. As said before, this should be around 1% of your total bankroll. Such a betting unit won’t bring down your bankroll if a cold losing streak sets in.

Next, decide the exact number of hands to play using this strategy. While the recommended number is 100, let your budget do the deciding. So, if you have a $100 budget, divide it by the number of hands to know the amount you’ll need per round. 

But before you get excited with flat betting in blackjack, remember that this is one of the most flexible games in the casino. That’s because some scenarios can compel you to increase your stakes, while others may call on you to lower them. 

For instance, players raise and lower stakes in card counting. Players can increase the stake with strong shoes and vice-versa with weak ones. In that case, flat betting won’t count for anything. But overall, it’s arguably the best blackjack betting strategy for beginners. 

Flat betting in live casino baccarat

Flat betting is more of a baccarat strategy than blackjack. Baccarat is a simple live casino game where players receive two cards on the Banker or Player positions. The idea is to predict a hand total of 9 or 8, also called a natural. 

If you choose to use flat betting in this game, you’ll most likely end up with a profit. That’s because the Banker and Player bets give you almost a 46% chance of winning a wager. But be wary of the Banker bet’s 5% commission. 

But because flat betting is more of betting to win than caring about the margin, choose the Banker bet, which has a lower house edge. Remember, the objective is to bet consistently without losing your bankroll at once. 

Does the flat betting strategy really work?

The painful truth is that flat betting or any other betting system doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. The idea behind this betting system is to protect your bankroll rather than titling the game odds to your favor. As said earlier, flat betting may not apply in some blackjack situations where you may need to raise your stake to win big. 

For baccarat players, it can work if you stick to the even-money main bets. The Player and Banker bets give you 45.86% and 44.62% chances of winning. This means you’ll win almost half of the time. But even with that, the obvious that the house has more than a 50% chance of winning.

All said and done, flat betting works best if you’re eager to control your betting system. If you’re lucky to maintain a consistent winning streak, this strategy may work out. However, you won’t have the freedom to adjust your bet limits which may see rewarding situations pass you by. 

Flat betting strategy basic rules

To wrap up this guide, below is a quick rundown of basic flat betting rules:

  • Set the stake amount: Start by setting a gambling bankroll and then determine the amount you’ll use per round. This should be 1% or 2% of your bankroll. 
  • Bet on 50/50 events: Bet on events with an almost 50% chance of happening. This also applied when using other strategies like Martingale and D’Alembert. In roulette, stick to red/black, odd/even, and high/low. 
  • Recalculate the stake: Has your bankroll increased or decreased? Always calculate the flat betting stake after a certain period. These periods are also called control points. 
  • Play for fun: Lastly, no betting strategy guarantees success, including flat betting. Therefore, have fun and treat a win or two as a bonus.
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