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What is live monopoly

Welcome to one of the most innovative and exciting casino games! Finally, one of the world's most popular and entertaining board games is available to play in live mode. Created by Evolution Gaming, one of the leaders in software development for online gaming. This is a themed money wheel game, which offers plenty of chances to win. Monopoly Live has been awarded with prestigious industry awards, including the Gaming Intelligence's Game of the Year (2020) and EGR's Game of the Year (2019). Since it has been launched, it is enjoying great success among players all over the world.

How to play live Monopoly

Monopoly Live was first revealed in 2019. It is among the latest online casino games developed and provided by Evolution Gaming and Hasbro. As the name suggests, this game offers players all the thrills of the famous board game Monopoly and the Wheel of Fortune, but with an online twist. The game also has a virtual co-host called Mr. Monopoly and a live host.

The rules of this game are very simple. It's actually great for beginners, while the more experienced gamblers will absolutely enjoy this new way to try their luck.

The spinning wheel is the primary tool used in the game, on which punters can gamble on various events. Players need to predict which segment the wheel will stop at after the live host spins it to play the game. Punters can place stakes on their predictions. In addition to betting on multiple wheel segments, there are also 'chance' segments that offer players instant wins and multipliers.

Some segments on the wheel can activate an augmented reality 3D Bonus game based on Mr. Monopoly's adventures. The player gets to move around the 3D board to collect prizes and multipliers, among other things.

The wheel's segments are numbered, and each one is assigned a different payout. Players who land the correct predictions get to win the corresponding payouts.

In order to be able to play, gamblers need to sign up to an online live casino or check if the casino provider that they are currently using features this game. When present in Monopoly, it should appear in the live games menu. Online Monopoly Live is currently available in more than 100 online casinos!

How does Monopoly Live casino work

This great casino game features innovative technology, including augmented reality, live-action, and plenty of digital effects, which will increase the fun and excitement of the player.

Monopoly Live Casino Rules:

  • The game features a wheel of fortune mounted vertically and a virtual Mr.Monopoly, who operates it.
  • The wheel is divided into 54 sectors, containing numbers, the labels '2 Rolls' and '4 Rolls' and 'Chance'.
  • At the beginning of each game, players can bet on a number or on '2 Rolls' and '4 Rolls'.
  • Then, Mr.Monopoly spins the wheel and players are awarded with the corresponding prize.
  • If the wheel stops on the segment labelled 'Chance', Mr.Monopoly will pick a 'Chance' card, similar to the ones available on the traditional board game. This card will reward the player with a cash prize or start a Bonus game, featuring amazing multipliers.

This entertaining game is packed with elements that will sound familiar to Monopoly lovers, as the bonus 'Chance' cards are themed with the community chest, hotels, houses, as well as the super tax and even the jail!

How to win at monopoly live

All players stand an equal chance of winning at Monopoly Live, irrespective of experience or skill. That is thanks to the luck element of the game. However, there are specific things that a player can do to help improve the winning chances. Such is what differentiates the frequent winners from other gamers.

Here are some essential tips that could tilt the chances of winning in your favor.

Find the right strategy
The first step to achieving higher winning frequencies is finding the right strategies for the game. Inexperienced players usually have all manner of strategy options on their hands. However, timing is critical when using any particular strategy. Experienced players can develop personal strategies that suit their specific preferences of playing the game.

Practice frequently
Practice is another step that most players tend to ignore. Practicing is undoubtedly different from playing the game as many times as possible. Instead, practicing refers to playing the game with particular objectives, such as getting acquainted with Monopoly rules and improving strategies or gaming style to improve overall winning chances.

Choose a Reliable Online Casino
Several online casinos offer Monopoly Live. Choosing the right one is key to winning. In any Monopoly game, familiarity with the rules and user experience can significantly affect gaming decisions.

Live Monopoly casino strategy

When the wheel stops on a number where a bet has been placed, the player gets his/her win, which corresponds to the bet multiplied by that number. When the wheel stops on 'Chance', another spin takes place, and the win is multiplied by the 'Chance' factor.

  1. The bonus games start when the wheel lands on '2Rolls' and '4 Rolls', as the game enters a world similar to the traditional board game.
  2. The player is taken into a captivating gaming experience, where graphics recreate the Monopoly atmosphere. Here, the amount of 'steps' that players can take on the virtual board depends on the roll of the dice. Each step where the player lands may lead to cash prizes and winning multipliers.
  3. When the bonus game ends, the action goes back to the wheel.

Live Monopoly Tips for Beginners

For beginners, playing Monopoly Live can be so exciting and thrilling that winning becomes secondary. But, unfortunately, a lack of familiarity with the ins and outs of the game can also influence winning or losing.

Some Monopoly tips and tricks, of course, while playing by the rules, can go a long way in helping players enjoy the game while still maximizing winning chances, a few of which are highlighted below.

  • Monopoly players should pay attention to the rules of the game. From there, they should note the possible outcomes and relate them to the payout amount. That will make deciding the bet amount or when to stop betting a bit easier.
  • Players should always bet on the wheel segments. Doing so will ensure they do not miss bonus rounds. Individuals can also review the gaming history to get a general idea of noticeably significant outcomes.
  • Players can also consider using the live chat feature. It is common to find rules, tips, strategies, and general information from experts in the live chat. Being a little interactive also helps make the game a lot more fun.

It is also a great idea to shelve emotions while playing this game. There are high chances of starting to play impulsively, especially after losing a few rounds. That can result in further significant losses. So knowing when to stop is vital.

Live dealer casino software providers

Some software providers have made a name for themselves by providing industry-leading live dealer games. Most of them have also created a good reputation for offering fair games with easy-to-understand rules that punters from all over the world can trust. Some of the leading developers include Extreme Level Gaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, Medialive Casino, and Microgaming.

However, none of these gaming providers has come up with another version of the Monopoly Live game so far. The only known, popular version is from Evolution Gaming, which they developed alongside Hasbro.

Software Features

For starters, punters can play the game on both PC and mobile devices, including tablets. There are no compromises in user experience regardless of the device used. The game has a Return-to-Player rate of between 91% and 96%, depending on the bet placed. The maximum payout for the game is set at half a million euros.

Other features of Monopoly Live include entertaining sounds and amazing graphics. Regarding sounds, players can also hear the voice of the live dealer quite clearly. The game can be played in three language variants, Italian, German, and English.

Playing Live Monopoly with Real Money

Playing Monopoly Live is fun and presents punters with an opportunity to win real money. However, that comes with the risk of losing real money as well. Unfortunately, there is still no demo version where players can enjoy the game without risking their money.

To start playing for real money, players must first find and register at an online casino that offers Monopoly Live. There are several considerations that players can make when choosing, such as eligibility, payout times, registration requirements, and banking options, among many others.

Players must then deposit money into their new casino account. The minimum deposit amount usually varies from one casino site to another. After payment processing is completed successfully, the players can enjoy the game and place their desired bets.

The Prowess of the Players at Real Money Sites

Currently, many individuals already have a good grasp of the game and can confidently refer to themselves as pros. Some individuals have also won significant amounts of money in the game, generally qualifying them as great players. However, there has not yet been a big enough competition to determine the game's best players. Moreover, most players enjoy the game and the possibilities of winning their bets rather than becoming pros in the game.

Minimum Bet Amounts

The minimum bet amount for Monopoly Live is 10c. That is low enough to enable most players to experience and learn more about the game without losing much. However, there is a limit to the amount players can bet per game round, approximately set at €100.

Winning Real Money

To win real money, players only need to predict on which segment the wheel will stop. Correct predictions result in winnings of the stake amount times the multiplier number on the segment at which the wheel stopped. Players can also receive random cash prizes or multiplier bonuses if the wheel lands on sections labeled 'chance.' Gamers can also win during the bonus round. For that, they need to bet on either '2 Rolls' or '3 Rolls'.


Most punters think they can interact with the live host, as is common in most live dealer table games. Still, the rules here are different Players can hear the live host talking but cannot address them directly. The live hosts also typically tend to cover everything that might be concerning to gamers as they talk. Furthermore, there is usually a live chat option for players to interact amongst themselves.

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